Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Cute Are These?!

What a fun little package I received in the mail today! These special hand painted stitching treasures came from Studio Twenty...an Esty shop run by a fellow needlework designer - Monique of My Mark Designs. This was my first "Etsy Experience"...and I have to say, I may be hooked...I spent quite a bit of time browsing different shops and viewing all the remarkable craftsmanship....it is addicting. I am sure I will be adding more treasures to my stitching collection in the near future...there are so many amazingly talented artisans with fabulous items listed! Pictured below are: Little Frog Bling for your scissors, Counting Needle Heart, Pretty Threads Bluebird Threadholder, and Halloween Bat Threadholder...I am thrilled to give each of these a new home, where they can mix and mingle with other accessories in my stitching collection. I hope you too find some handmade treasures that brighten your day!

The Halloween Bat Threadholder" was perfect for today, as I finished stitching my new model for "Black Cats and Flying Bats" this afternoon...and I have already taken it to my framer. I posted sneak peek on the "Future" page of my website, so make sure to fly over there and check it out...http://www.blueribbondesigns.com/...


  1. You have some great things for your stitching.. By the way, love your sneak peek at the Halloween pattern. How soon before that one will be available? That's a must have!


  2. Oh my goodness! I love those halloween designs. You did wonderful job. Glad you had some neat things for your stitching. Enjoy them. ~ Dawn ~

  3. Oh Gosh... :)
    I love them...do you think I could employ someone to live my life while I sit and stitch?!

  4. I *love* how you do owls! I also love that there are owls in your new Halloween designs LOL So glad you liked everything; and Etsy is a good addiction :)