Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Times Two!

I have been SUPER busy working on new designs for this autumn/winter and for the TNNA Fall Needlecraft Market in September...lots of model stitching and finishing...therefore, my posts here have been a little less frequent. However, today I thought I would share a couple things from this past week that made me happy!

First of all, my Christmas ornament made the cover of the 2009 Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue again this year...what a treat! Many of you know my design style and can easily pick it is the diamond shaped ornament with the two cardinals. This issue has been a favorite of mine for many years...when I first started designing one of my major goals was to make it in this holiday magazine...needless to say, each year I am invited to participate I am beyond thrilled! You will be able to find this special issue on newsstands in September...

Secondly, yesterday, my husband and I made an out of state road trip to pick up a new SUV for me to drive! I can't believe first new vehicle in 15 years...and it is spectacular! The interior is gorgeous light grey leather...and it is fully loaded (so much, in fact, that I have to study the owners manual to figure out how to use half of the options). I am constantly hauling boxes of printing and orders to be shipped...and it was extremely difficult trying to do that in my old little sports taking my sewing machine and embroidery unit to a class or a friends house was a HUGE everything easily fits in the back...SUPER convenient for me. Plus, it is exciting to have a shiny new ride after all these years! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip driving it back to Iowa yesterday and I am ready to plan a road trip or two to visit some stitching and quilting shops...

Time for me to get back to model stitching...I am almost finished with "Black Cats and Flying Bats". Have a wonderful weekend...find time to appreciate the little things that make you happy!


  1. Am so happy for you on getting the ornament in the magazine. Woohoo!!

    Oh that's beautiful SUV. We're working on getting my own first car. I can't wait but gotta wait for it. LOL Enjoy your new SUV. ~ Dawn ~

  2. Congrats on making the cover once again and on the new vehicle!

  3. Congratulations on being a cover girl! LOL The new ride looks great too.

  4. Ohhh beautiful SUV. Congrats on being on the cover. Will you frame it? I would and then I would take a picture of myself holding the framed cover with my design on it and then I would frame the picture of me holding the picture of the cover and so on!!! In other words you should be OH SO PROUD of Yourself!!


  5. Well, well, a Cover Girl AGAIN and a very sweet new ride, life is good to stitchers, is it not? Good for you, enjoy ~ you've certainly earned it dear friend:)

    Sweet Stitching!

  6. I remeber telling you, yours are some of the best ornaments on the market. The car is lovely. NOTHING like the smell of a new car.


  7. You must get such a buzz from being a cover girl. Congratulations!
    The design looks lovely and one I will love to stitch.