Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Birds Leave the Nest

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to see some baby birds leaving the nest for the first time. It was quite the sight...there were three babies (that I could find) hopping around our yard...with the parents chirping and flying overhead. It was so amusing to the see the babies learning to use their wings. They were teeny tiny - at the most a couple inches in size - and could actually move quite quickly - I was thrilled to get a decent picture of each of one. Within just a few minutes they were all flying and off on a new adventure!


  1. I also love photographing birds. Its always sad to see them leave. Its over in a couple of minutes and if we are lucky we get a few shots with the camera to remember them.

  2. Aren't they adorable with that little bit of baby fluff still clinging to them! What a wonderful way to spend part of an afternoon. Thanks for posting the pics, Belinda.

  3. How sweet, wonderful photos of the babies, Bel!

  4. Thanks for the photos - you can see how well Valerie Pfiffer (sp?) gets her inspiration for her baby birds...that little hint of fluff!

  5. i dont know what kind of bird it is thogh can u tell me soon

    1. The baby birds in my photo are Sparrows. You can do a Google search for "baby sparrow images" to see more.