Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friendship and Fat Quarters

Seems like my life has been insanely busy lately...I haven't had much time to catch my breath or cultivate my friendships. Finally, yesterday I took most of the day off to reconnect with a dear friend...and boy did we have fun! We visited several quilt shops, a bead shop, a stitching shop, and had a wonderful lunch chatting, laughing, and catching up - when I returned home I felt refreshed and rejuvenated - it was just what I needed. Then today, (after a miserable trip to the dentist) I was able to get together with an inspiring little stitching group - what a treat to spend time with this talented group of women - all working on needlework projects that amaze me - all dedicated to their friendships and needlework - it is always a wonderful morning when we get together and stitch. I feel very blessed to have such diverse and creative people in my life.

The shopping trip yesterday found me with several sacks of new goodies...including the fat quarters shown below. Fat quarters of fabric are so addictive and inspiring...and always manage to make their way into my shopping basket. I also picked up some new unique fibers and yarns...a couple great quilting patterns..and three new sets of stationery. It was a day (and dollars) well spent! I hope you find time to cultivate your friendships...make some time to laugh, chat, and catch-up...


  1. Oh I love the pink ones ~ that's beautiful. I love fabric shopping even I haven't learn how to quilting except sew basic. LOL ~ Dawn ~

  2. Pretty fabrics! Glad you had a great time, I think more women need to take time for themselves. We don't do it often enough in my opinion!

  3. I love spending the afternoon with my stitchy friend, chatting and stitching. It IS rejuventating, isn't it! Great fabs too!

  4. Hi Belinda, sounds like a lovely outing, thx for sharing! Enjoy your holiday weekend my friend:)

  5. There's nothing like spending time with like minded friends.

    It sounds as though you had the perfect day.
    The fabrics are pretty - love the pink ones.