Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Project Bags Aplenty

It's another winter day here, with frozen rain falling on our snow covered ground (and more snow on the way)...and I just skated out to the mailbox to mail a letter. The dogs had me up bright and early today in a messy turn of events that I won't go into here...but let's just say it wasn't the preferred way to start my morning. I'm doing my best to stay warm, keep the sidewalks/driveway clear, and trying (some days without much luck) to stay positive while we attempt to sell our home in the dead of Iowa winter (this is not an easy task).

I've been spending my days packing, cleaning, organizing, fixing and shoveling...oh, how I long to be sewing and stitching! I can't believe I waited four months for my fancy sewing machine to be fixed and now it is sitting in a closet, waiting for the move (it is NOT going into a storage POD) - it's just heartbreaking - I am truly going through creative withdrawal...yes, the struggle is real. I do have a few small stitching projects kitted up and as soon as the last box is packed, I will be happily grabbing a needle and thread.

For now, enjoy these GORGEOUS large and small project bag photos...I recently created all of these with lovely customer supplied fabrics...


  1. What a fabulous assortment of project bags you have created, Belinda! I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly. Thinking of you!

  2. Lovely project bags .
    I hate moving we moved allot in our early years of married life then full of excitement and goals .

    Now we have been settle for many years ,and the thought of all the packing would put me off .

    Wishing you allthe best with your move.

  3. Beautiful project bags!
    I feel your pain.
    We moved last August, even though we got rid of a lot,there was still a lot to pack & move.
    It gets tiring after while.
    Glad you can still sew some while the house is up for sale.
    Take care.