Thursday, January 24, 2019

Feelin' Groovy

Yesterday was a snow day. I honestly don't think I have shoveled that much in decades...side note: my kind husband (always thinking of others), sold our wonderful snowblower to one of his friends for well less than it was worth (without asking me)...thinking that we wouldn't have to move it and it would help his friend, he didn't think we would need it where we are going to be located (which I think is inaccurate)...unfortunately, he forgot that I am still living in Iowa and it is WINTER. Yeah, I was outside shoveling snow for over three hours yesterday (it was one heck of a fasted cardio workout!)...and then, lucky me, I got to dig out/defrost our Jeeps, as our garage is full of furniture and boxes. I have suddenly reverted back to my twenties - living in a basement with minimal furniture, little to no money coming in, shoveling snow, and cleaning off vehicles frequently (starting them at least once a day to make sure they will start in the future)....all those things I worked so hard to get away from are back for a repeat performance. Geez, I cannot wait until we are moved into a new home - this living situation is definitely not this point, I just have to laugh about it all...

Today I thought I would share another recent design/pattern and sample I created for AccuQuilt - it is for one of their newer cutting dies, the Studio Fractured Tumbler-6" Finished. This unique cutting die has multiple block options and that creates quite a few design you can see in my image below, there are tumblers and fractured tumblers on one die. You may remember the "Give it a Whirl" pattern I also designed for this die - I briefly shared about a few months ago. The design I am sharing today is a wall hanging I titled "Feelin' Groovy" and it is more of a modern layout...perfect for scraps!

Feelin' Groovy

Give it a Whirl
Yes, I designed both of these projects using the same cutting die! Like all of my projects, I designed this wall hanging in EQ8 (Electric Quilt 8 quilt design software). I knew it was going to be more of a scrappy piece, so to get a good feel for the final look, I colored the blocks using standard fabrics supplied in the software.

Something about this completed design reminded me of lava lamps - hence the name "Feelin' Groovy"....

You can find both these Studio Fractured Tumbler quilt patterns in the Studio 2 Pattern section of the AccuQuilt website.

I hope this cheerful quilt brightened your day!

I am now headed back out into the frozen tundra to shovel the end of our driveway once AGAIN, where the plow has covered it...and to start our vehicles...just another day in the life of a twenty-year-old. 😃


  1. Feelin' Groovy looks fabulous, Belinda! I would send Bruce with the tractor, but it is a bit of a distance. Stay warm! xoxoxo

  2. Love your designs nice and bright .
    Hope you get to move soon.

  3. The quilts are beautiful.
    Too bad you don't have the snow blower.
    You just never know about weather in the Midwest!
    Take care.