Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing Stars

Today I am back to share another sample I created for AccuQuilt - the Bullseye Mosaic Triangle Quilt....along with a table runner I put together yesterday in the same style. Both the quilt and the table runner use Bullseye Hexagons and Bullseye Equilateral Triangles, cut with the Studio Fabric Cutter...using these two shapes and piecing in rows, completely removes the need for inset seams, making the piecing much easier than expected. Plus the Bullseye Equilateral Triangle dies have dog-eared corners allowing the cut shapes to line up perfectly!

Here is a close-up look at the two sets of Buyllseye Nested Dies needed for the quilt and the table runner. In the back in each photo, you see the Foam Boards (without blades for spacing)...and in the front you see the Blade Boards (with blades for cutting). Mix and match these two sets of die boards to cut a variety of shapes and sizes. You can read all about these Bullseye Nested Die Sets and see videos that show exactly how they work by visiting this link:

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Bullseye Equilateral Triangles-Odd-1", 3", 5", 7" Finished Sides for Studio

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Bullseye Hexagons-1"-7" Finished Sides for Studio

....and here is a look at the Studio Mosaic Triangle Quilt that uses these two die sets...oh my goodness, how I love this was so difficult to ship it to AccuQuilt - after it was complete, I REALLY wanted to keep it in my personal fact, I may have to make another, just for me! You can currently find this pattern for free on the the AccuQuilt website. It measures approximately 39" W x 48" H...and it does take a while to correctly piece all the equilateral triangles, but it is straight forward piecing with no inset seams! Having a design wall is quite helpful to make sure you keep all the pieces lined up correctly...

Bullseye Mosaic Triangle Quilt Pattern for Studio

For my table runner, I simply used one complete star row from the quilt pattern...I used 4 hexagons (3" finished) and 72 equilateral triangles (3" finished). I wanted a nice cheerful table runner to brighten up my living room coffee table and this size fit perfectly. The fabrics are from the retired line Oz by Sanae for Moda.

My schedule continues to be quite full, but I am doing my best to finish up a few more sewing/quilting projects. I also have new needlework designs I will be able to share with you soon, along with a plethora of other projects...and yes, I am still working away on my new website design with tons of new should be another productive week!


  1. What a fabulous quilt and table runner you have created! I would have had trouble returning the quilt to AccuQuilt as well! Way to go!


  2. Oh no - more Studio dies to add to my want list! I have the Go! hexagon and triangles, but these look like a lot of fun to play with too! I don't blame you for having a hard time sending in the completed project - it looks amazing! Nice work on the table runner too Belinda. I don't suppose you will be heading to Fremont in June?