Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tumbling Table Runner and Topper

It's no secret I adore my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters...I use one almost every single day. Over the years, I have built up quite a collection of dies for both the GO! and the Studio versions. I probably use my Studio Fabric Cutter most often, as it needs a designated space (it is larger and heavier), so it is readily available at all times...and with the GO! Die Adapters for the Studio, I can use every single one of my dies without changing fabric cutters. All of this equipment can be quite an investment, but in my line of work, the quick convenience and the accuracy of die cutting is well worth the expense. Every time new dies are released, I add them to my "wish list" in my AccuQuilt account on their website...and let me tell you, that list is quite long...a girl can dream...plus, it is always good to have something to work towards...

As a long time (passionate) fan and friend of AccuQuilt, I am lucky enough to do some sample sewing for them...and yes, that is my dream job. I just LOVE playing with the test dies and working on new bright and cheerful projects for them behind the scenes...and it is even more fun, when I see the models I have sewn/quilted for them featured on their website. Yesterday, AccuQuilt released Four New Bullseye Nested Dies for the Studio Fabric Cutter (2 sets of tumblers and 2 sets of equilateral triangles) and I was thrilled to make a couple samples for them using these special new dies! I was extremely excited to try out the Bullseye Nested Dies, because I am yet to have any in my collection - they come with a well-deserved price tag, because each one is capable of cutting multiple shapes and sizes, and that price tag is currently out of my personal budget. I was very interested to see how well these dies worked and the wide range of cutting possibilities.

Here is a close-up look at the die set for the Bullseye Tumblers-Even-2", 4", 6", 8" Finished for Studio. In the back, you see the Foam Boards (without blades for spacing)...and in the front you see the Blade Boards (with blades for cutting). Mix and match the two sets of die boards to cut a variety of shapes and sizes. You can read all about this Bullseye Nested Die Set and see a video that shows exactly how they work by visiting this link:

Photo courtesy of AccuQuilt.com

The first project I worked on was the Bullseye Tumbling Table Runner Pattern for Studio (shown directly below) which uses the Bullseye Tumblers-Even-2", 4", 6", 8" Finished. This particular pattern is available on the AccuQuilt website and uses the 4" Finished Tumbler - the piecing was easy and straight forward and I really like the look of the wavy binding....I was very pleased with how this particular sample turned out...in fact, it was hard to send this finished piece back to AccuQuilt!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to test my binding skills on a test table topper before working on the actual model, so I used some extra tumbler cut-outs from the project, along with some scraps and fabrics in my stash to create a smaller version (show below and in the upper right-hand corner) - I wanted to make sure to sew the four corner angles properly and that the bias binding the directions called for worked well for the two long sides. It actually worked out perfectly and personally, I think the edges and binding make this table runner extra special. Here is a look at my test table topper...

I learned I absolutely ADORE the Bullseye Nested Dies! They cut beautifully and accurately (with dog-eared corners for perfect piecing)...and the possibilities with each set are enough to make any quilter happy. You can cut solid shapes, rings, and frames...and you can mix, match, and layer Bullseye dies for a wide range of combinations (which I will show you in my next post project that features Bullseye Hexagons and Bullseye Equilateral Triangles). Now that I have tried and tested some of these innovative dies, I *have to* start saving my pennies so I can afford to add them to my collection...they are really quite spectacular!

AccuQuilt was kind enough to let me hang on to a couple sets of Bullseye Nested Dies for a few weeks, so I could play a bit more...I have a unique project in the works, so I will be showing that to you soon, as well...

I hope this post has inspired you to play with shapes, color, and new interesting finishes...take a little time to be creative...


  1. Your table runner and table topper turned out super, Belinda! I love the fabric/color combinations you used.


  2. Love the topper Belinda! What a lucky girl you are to be able to play with these dies. I have been playing a little more and more with my Go! cutter and dies, but when I saw all these new Studio dies starting to come out... Oh my! Now I want one LOL Saving my pennies... oops, we don't have pennies any more... nickles then... should help get there faster LOL