Friday, October 5, 2012

Bird On A Bobbin

A sewing bird pincushion - a 2011 Christmas
 gift from my friend Kimber...
Wednesday, after taking in the AQS Quilt Show & Contest, I visited a local antique mall with my dear friend Kimber and her husband Tom. Each year during the AQS Show, local vendors at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall display quilting and sewing items in prominent places in their booths...hoping to "cash in" while thousands of quilters are in the area. Throughout the building, we found assorted antique quilts, textiles, and quilt blocks...along with vintage sewing notions, laces, and trims. Kimber was looking for some particular items...I was looking for some large wooden bobbins...and we both managed to find a few items to take home. Turns out, both Kimber and Tom have a knack for finding hidden treasures and they assisted me in finding quite a few antique wooden bobbins - I  was able to narrow down my choices to four favorites (all very reasonably priced at a few dollars or less)! It seems antique bobbins are making a comeback...and many needleworkers are seeking them out to use with Cross Stitch and Embroidery patterns. Earlier this year my friend Lorrie gifted me a beautiful large wooden bobbin that stands about 6.5" tall and at the time I had plans to use it with a needlework design...but as they often do, my plans changed, when I realized the sewing bird my friend Kimber gifted me last Christmas looked adorable perched on this large spool (shown below). Every time I enter my sewing studio, it is the first thing I see and it brings me joy! So, the hunt was on for more vintage wooden bobbins...and the antique mall did not the challenge will be to find creative uses for each one...

The antique wooden bobbin my friend Lorrie gifted me
with my sewing bird pincushion perched on top...


  1. I absolutely love your spools and the adorable bird Kimber made you. How sweet they look together.

  2. Congratulations on finding some spools! Your bird looks great on the bobbin. Thanks for sharing its picture, Belinda!


  3. Oh, that looks great on the bobbin.

  4. Love the spools! I have spotted those around my area a lot -- next time I'll have to pick some up! Have enjoyed your posts about the quilt show and made a mental note to attend next year. I'm 3 hours from Des Moines and head down that way a few times a year to shop!

  5. What a cute idea to display your bird that way.'ve inspired me to do the same with a bluebird one of my peeps gifted me with last Christmas! Love it!!

  6. I love them as well!! I love anything that looks country or primitive and the spool is beautiful and the bird on top just adds so much! I would love to make something like that for me. Beautiful!!