Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows' Eve

Happy Halloween to all my friends, family, and followers! A while back, I mentioned I would post an early photo of me dressed up for Halloween...well, yesterday I was sent a gentle reminder of that here I am making good on my promise. This is an early childhood photo of me dressed up for Halloween (well actually two photos I scanned and edited to make one)...don't I make an adorable monkey??! Truth be told, these are the only two photos I have of myself dressed up for Halloween...and seeing them always makes me giggle...
My sister and I loved to go trick-or-treating each year...and our goal was to go to every house in our small town...we would run from door to door and collect as much candy as, back in the day we would get all sorts of homemade goodies (popcorn balls, caramel apples, cookies, etc.). I remember helping my mom pop popcorn all day and filling small Halloween paper treat bags...we would add candy corn and small sweets to the popcorn bags and hand them out to children who visited our house in costume. I also have vivid memories of my mother placing our bags of Halloween treats on top of the refrigerator, so we couldn't "fill-up" on candy....the day after Halloween, my sister and I would trade candy with each other, so we each would have our favorites...and I'm sure mom and dad got some of our goodies too!

Over the past ten years or so, I have celebrated my love of Halloween by designing quite a few needlework charts and patterns especially for this time of year...I thought you might enjoy seeing a collage that includes many of my spooky can find additional information on each of these pieces by exploring my website...enjoy!

May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
Of soft and golden hue
Pierce through the future's veil and show
What fate now holds for you.
                                                           -Author Unknown


  1. Oh I see so many I have and some I need to get now, thanks for the reminder
    Happy Hallows Eve

  2. You made an adorable monkey!
    Well just look at all those Halloween designs! Very nice!
    Happy Halloween.

  3. Oh Belinda, what a cute monkey you were! Happy Halloween!


  4. What an impressive display of Halloween stitches. Amazing!

  5. OMG love Belinda the Monkey! That really made me smile. How adorable. Hugs Mary

  6. What fun! I remember those masks too. You'd get a sweaty from your breath. Tee hee! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.