Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Tea Party at ABC Stitch Therapy

I am finally back with another post about my recent teaching trip to New England. It has been a few crazy days playing catch-up after traveling for most of the month...I still have a pile of correspondence and various work tasks to accomplish, but things are slowly getting back to "normal". As of this afternoon, the to-do list is completely out of control, but I hope to get a handle on it over the next all reality, I could really just use a day or two off to catch my breath and get some much needed sleep - but right now, that is not an option.

Today I wanted to share with you a little more about the New England Stitcher's Retreat that was held at the Enfield Shaker Museum (The Great Stone Dwelling House) last weekend. Marie (owner of ABC Stitch Therapy), Tricia (the shop manager), the entire staff at the shop, and Gail and Jackie (the marvelous hosts for the weekend) made sure everyone had a phenomenal time. Every little detail was taken care of, including: little gifts each day, special treats and snacks (some warm right out of the oven), a fun "Yankee Swap" game where everyone got a stitching prize...and even a tea party at the shop! I was able to spend lots of time with each attendee (my favorite part of my job!) - and I was happily surprised to see each of them in the classroom extra early in the morning...and each staying late well after class was supposed to disperse...and many stayed up with me until the wee hours stitching, giggling, and laughing - many finished their scissor fob and some finished their fob and pinkeep (or got a really good start!). The entire dwelling house was full of enthusiasm and smiles and it truly filled my heart with joy!

Earlier in the week, I shared some photos of the Dwelling House, the classroom, and the Enfield area with you - today, I thought I would share some photos of ABC Stitch Therapy...including the grand tea party! Marie recently moved the shop to a new location, just a "hop, skip, and a jump" from her previous building...and the new shop was incredible! There are lots of windows and good natural light - and TWO floors - when I walked in a was completely astounded. Standing in the doorway, there was a "mecca" of threads to my right...linens and fabrics with a cutting table straight ahead...and cross stitch charts, kits, accessories, and notions to my left...with models EVERYWHERE...upstairs was needlepoint heaven, with hand-painted canvases galore. If you are a needleworker, this shop is definitely worth a trip! So here are some photos I took of the shop (with Marie's permission) and a few photos of the tea party (as always, click on the photos for a larger view)...

ABC Stitch Therapy - Grantham, NH

Thread "mecca"....

Looking down from the upstairs level...

Stairs to the second level...

Needlepoint Canvases (Upstairs)

Me surrounded by beautiful needlepoint canvases...

Teacups for the tea party...

I'm pretending to serve the tea...check out all the wonderful treats....

Sharing a cup of tea with my dear friend Ruth (Sis, you look happy and beautiful!)...

My English Breakfast Tea and plate...
(a scone, an apple spice petit four, a roast beef tea sandwich, and a fruit tart)

I think you can see why I love teaching at the New England Stitcher's Retreat - the events, the shop, the food, the area, the accommodations - everything was a treat! I have to thank everyone who worked on the event planning - the hard-working and happy hosts (Jackie and Gail)....and all the attendees who made the journey to Enfield, NH - I hope to see you all again next year!!

In the next day or two, I will share some photos of my sightseeing with you...including some from King Arthur Flour...and a few from Delectable Mountain Cloth in Brattleboro, VT. To see all sorts of additional photos from my trip to New England, check out the albums on my Facebook page...and smartphone users can check out my Instagram album (user: BRDGIRL)...


  1. Enjoyed the photo tour of the shop, Belinda! And the set up for the tea party, wow! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  2. That is such a wonderful store, so many designs and threads to ogle over.
    They use to do tea at the quilted crow, but closed that area.


  3. Oh Belinda, this just looks like heaven to me! What a lucky girl to get to be in such a place. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Sigh! :o)

  4. Wow Belinda~~~ I know the class must have been awesome..I've enjoyed reading all about it through various blog posts.... ABC Stitch Therapy is a fantastic looking shop~~ I have NEVER seen so much thread! It definitey is on my to-do list to get there someday~~ Nice for sharing, Faye

  5. I am so glad to hear your enthusiasm over this shop. I attended the first week of the retreat and for me it was total HEAVEN!!!! I loved every single minute of that weekend and can't wait to go back.

  6. What a wonderful shop! And that tea looks amazing too.

  7. Looks fabulous and sounds like a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it all.

  8. It was so wonderful - can't wait to do it again!! Love ya back, Sis!! I'm always happy when we're stitching. ~Ruth

  9. ohhhhh myyyy just look at that shop ... seventh heaven or what .... alll those charts and threads and fabric and space and *sighhhh ....
    love the tea party but only one wee point the sandwich should have been in a triangle
    lovely to hear you had a fab time with all present at the retreat and you look so happy on those photos too :) love mouse xxxxx

  10. Wow! Two of my favorite things in one spot; a fabulous stitching shop and a tea party! I want to be there. What an amazing shop. I must get up there some day.