Monday, July 16, 2012

Never Stop Growing

BRD-001 "Never Stop Growing"
I've recently been taking a look at Blue Ribbon Designs - where it all started, where it has progressed, and where it will be in the future. Not only has the cross stitch industry changed drastically over the years, but so has my design style. Looking back at my design catalog, each piece contains special memories...and it is so interesting to see how my design style has evolved over the past nine years. When I first started counted thread designing, I was extremely inspired by historical samplers and the history of needlework...I think you will always see a bit of that in my artwork....but now my signature style has grown immensely and become much more (for lack of a better word) modern. Taking a look at my very first design "Never Stop Growing", I have to smile and think about how far my work has come over the years - this design is very "spot motif" based....and although it is detailed, it is very basic. Looking at my latest designs, I have definitely left the "basic" historical sampler style behind, but I am still extremely inspired by the same organic motifs and themes...and everything just seems to "flow" a little better. As I look at the future of Blue Ribbon Designs and set new personal and professional goals, I can't help but reflect on my first design title and how very closely it relates to me (and my work) today - it is so true, we "never stop growing"...

A selection of recent releases (L to R):
BRD-104 "Beauty In Simplicity"- BRD-106 "Redwork Garden" - BRD-105 "Friendship Blooms"


  1. What a wonderful reflective post, Belinda! I enjoy your older works as much as I enjoy the newer ones! Never stop growing, my friend!


  2. Belinda: Isn't it delightful to look back and see how much you have grown? Not only are your designs different today, but your innovative projects and finishing really make your pieces (and classes) such a delight! May you grow and bloom for many, many years! Thanks for sharing your talents, ~Ruth

  3. Love, love, love your designs. I enjoy your designs from begining to present. Thank you for continuing to design. I love your classes and your teaching pieces too, especially the finishing.
    Judy in Kansas

  4. It's a great thing to look back and see where we were, where we are now and how we have changed and hopefully learned and improved. I look at my first xstitch projects being stitched on aida and how far I've come to now only stitching on linen. And it being high count linen too and how I've learned from other stitchers and GREAT XSTITCH CHARTS with wonderful diagrams to follow when classes are not available to teach me something new.

    You are an excellent designer and I wish you the best in your business! Keep up the great work and I'll keep adding your beautiful designs to my stash and to my Wish Lists!

    Happy Stitching!