Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bunnies and Birds...

I received such wonderful feedback on my wool appliqué pincushions and the new project bags I will be working on - thank you for your notes and comments! I managed to complete fifteen more pincushions (and list them in my Etsy shop) - all unique...some with birds and some with bunnies...each with different embellishments and motifs. All of the pincushions have machine appliquéd wool fabric/felt tops and cotton fabric bottoms...and each is filled nicely with about two cups of crushed walnut shells. They measure approximately 6" W x 4.75" H x 2" D...and come with three decorative straight pins. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy making these - they make me smile! I have been struggling a bit lately and spending some time at my sewing machine, working with some of my favorite materials and embellishments really lifted my spirits. I definitely have ideas for more...including some holiday themes.

I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the project bags, and I will do my best to get some completed soon - I have picked out the first batch of fabrics and zippers and I hope to start the cutting and preparations tomorrow. I am going to start by making some with sampler fabrics, as they are perfect to hold an entire stitching project!

I will also have a photo to share with you (very soon) of the needlework smalls for my upcoming release "Berries, Birds, and Blooms"...I am currently working on the finishing...there are four pieces that coordinate with the sampler. I would like to have the two new cross stitch releases to my printer in the next week or so, so they will be available in the not-so-distant future...


  1. They are so nice!! I especially love the bunny....

  2. They are beautiful! Love the birds!!

  3. They're all beautiful! I want that one and this one and that one over there and...They just all need to come live with me!

    Belinda, I just want to encourage you. Knowing absolutely nothing about you, but what I've read on your blog, it's pretty normal for there to be a bit of a low after such an amazing high as your AccuQuilt trip, your win, and whatever else may be happening in your world. Rest! Breathe! and give yourself a bit of grace. You'll soon pick up and feel yourself again. If I'm totally off base, do know the words were well meant. You're a blessing to me!

  4. Love the cute pin cushions. I have been busy trying to get caught up on your blog. So many fun things you have been doing.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  5. Love the birds and bunnies! They are all so cute; which makes it hard to choose!


  6. Belinda, they are all cute but being selfish I still like the first one the best (since I have it in my possession). I can't wait to see the sampler fabrics you choose for the project bags as I may be ordering one of those too! You are such an inspiration that's why everyone loves and respects you. You, my dear are also a great friend. Love and hugs, Mary A.

  7. Your pincushions are soooo cute!
    Hard to choose the best one really...