Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Fever

I have spring fever - it's not a secret...I honestly can't wait for sunshine, clear days, green grass, leafs on trees, and walks in the park...really, any sign would make me happy. Today is cold, gloomy, grey, overcast, and raining...and that is not helping with my spring fever...I'm ready for the season to change. Just as the rain/sleet was really starting to get to me, my husband and I spotted a large group of robins in our yard...the first robins of the year! Across the street is a large cherry tree and an entire flock of robins was having a feast - a beautiful sign of spring - exactly what I needed to see today. Travis was laughing as I ran to get my camera...I just had to get a few photos before they flew away...something to remind me that springtime is really on the way (if only it could arrive today)!

The gloomy weather has been the perfect excuse to lock myself in the studio - I have been busy working on class kits, some small magazine models, and I am almost finished with a nice size quilt I started over the weekend. I used a sunshine yellow fabric to sash my quilt, just to brighten up my mood....hopefully I will have a photo for you real soon. This evening, I will be doing some finishing work and maybe do a little more quilting...I am not going to let my spring fever inhibit my creativity!


  1. Robins are a sure sign of Spring...

  2. Oh Belinda, I love your bird pictures! And yes, spring is coming! Looking forward to seeing your quilt!

  3. Come to Florida..the weather's beautiful! ;)


  4. Oh, How wonderful to see your lovely photo's of the robins. I was comparing them with the European Robin that we have. Yours are so much bigger. I'm so glad you shared them with us.

    Thank you