Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heavenly Chocolates

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of you celebrating today...I hope you are wearing your green and you have a chance to enjoy a nice cold green beer or margarita!

This morning I took Simba to his monthly grooming appointment and I was lucky enough to spend my late morning/early afternoon with my dear friend Merry...and if you are already wondering, yes she made these phenomenal chocolates for me! Don't they look like they came from a wonderful gourmet chocolate shop?! Merry and I have both had a rather rough week and definitely needed a little "girl time"...but I had no idea she would try to fix all my problems with a gorgeous plate of delicious chocolates....even the presentation was fabulous (my foofing obsession has rubbed off on her) - I love the polka dot plate and festive green ribbons. I have already savored one of the hearts - which had scrumptious, creamy, ooey gooey caramel inside....there are even homemade peanut butter cups, and a chocolate truffle (in the center ) - yep, I am so spoiled (and she is so amazing and thoughtful)...and I will definitely need to do some extra workouts this next week. Plus, I almost forgot to mention she brought me her last jar of Jalapeno jelly (which is "to die for")...she definitely treats me like a queen!

Merry and I made a trip to a wonderful local quilt shop - and of course we found some new fabrics that we just had to give a new home...then we went to our favorite little Japanese restaurant in town and thoroughly enjoyed our sushi lunch....and then somehow, *poof*, my terrible week was not so terrible anymore.

May you enjoy the company of a good friend and a sweet decadent treat to soothe your soul...


  1. Boy, do your chocolates from Merry look mighty tasty! I am going to guess the ones between the peanut butter cups are something with coconut! Do tell?

    Hope you have a fabulous remainder to your week and an even better weekend!

  2. What a lovely treat! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  3. What a wonderful friend! The treats are so pretty!!

  4. So glad to hear you had a good girl day. We all need one on a regular basis.
    Your chocolates do look devine. It sure would help my bad week look better. What a great friend indeed.