Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paper Pieced Patchwork

Today I am in the middle of cutting and serging 144 pieces of linen for an upcoming class, it is a big job, but actually pretty relaxing - I just put on my iPod and get in a rhythm. After I finished cutting all the pieces, I decided to take a short break. I have been anxious to work on a very intricate paper pieced quilting project...but before I started, I definitely wanted to do a little paper piecing refresher and get my brain back into that way of thinking (those of you who quilt and have tried paper piecing will completely relate). I decided to do a small heart block and use up a few more of those scraps I have been saving. This block is 8" x 8" finished...and I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet...maybe a small pillow or a pot holder. As soon as I started, I got back into the flow and I am now ready to tackle the more detailed project in my "to-do" pile. I took a class in paper piecing at a local quilt shop several years ago and many of the tips and tricks have actually stayed with me. I really enjoy foundation piecing - you get great points and exact lines, plus you can have unique and very small shapes. As much as I would like to start my bigger project today, I am going to be diligent and get back to serging my pile of cut linen....tomorrow is another day...


  1. Terrific quilt block! Your fabric choices look great together! Glad you had some 'me' time in between prepping fabric for your upcoming class!

  2. Oh that is so lovely - great fabrics.

  3. What a lovely square. I have done some paper piecing and enjoy it...can't wait to see the other project!