Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Stitching Nest

My home has several "stitching nests"...those special places I like to curl up with my needle and work on my current project. Whenever I am going to go stitch I always say "I am headed to my stitching nest"...there is just something cozy about calling it my "nest"...maybe it stems from my love of birds...it just feels appropriate. I even designed a piece in my early years called "My Stitching Nest" that hangs above my favorite stitching chair.

Last week, during the height of my flu epidemic, my dear friend Lorrie dropped off a belated birthday package - I was not feeling well enough to open it...in fact, I didn't even come close to feeling well enough to open it until this past Sunday. It sat on our living room table all week and everyday, my husband would say, "I can't believe you haven't opened your gift yet"...but I really wanted to wait to open it when I could enjoy and appreciate it. When I opened it, I was speechless - a handmade "Bel's Stitching Nest" sign...complete with an actual nest!

Lorrie attached a detailed note telling me about this slate tile sign and how it came to be...the thought and time that went into this project made me feel so very special...her kindness touched me deeply.

A friend painted the large piece of slate for her...but Lorrie thought it needed more, so she added the bird's nest and filled it with treasures. As you can see from the enlarged photo, the nest is overflowing with personal touches. There is a vintage pewter button (from an antique tin of buttons found in an old Indiana barn) that actually looks like it has an ear of corn on it...a piece of white linen and a red button from the drawers of her Great Grandmother's old Singer sewing machine...beautiful blue hand-dyed silk thread and ribbon...a lovely piece of lace...and even a piece of cotton sampler fabric! It truly is how I envision "my stitching nest" and such a personalized gift...isn't it wonderful?! There are not words to describe how touched I was by this gift - Lorrie, you are amazing!

I just had to share this unique handmade treasure with you and some of the details that make it super special. I am beyond blessed to have so many generous, creative, and talented people in my life. I hope reading about this will inspire you to give a gift from the heart...


  1. This is indeed a wonderful gift and I know how much you love it. The idea is so unique!

  2. What a wonderful gift and treasure to receive! I love the bird's nest filled with all the needlework and textile accessories!

  3. How lovely to receive such a considered and thoughtful gift