Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Sunday Of Serging...

Last week was a whirlwind...I spent almost every waking hour bagging charts, printing invoices, and packaging the new releases for shipment...and the good news is, they are on their way to shops and distributors and should be at your favorite LNS or ONS very soon!

I took a few hours on Wednesday to get together with my local stitching group, who I hadn't seen in months....and what a nice break it was...always fun to catch-up with my stitching friends. Of course I took along good old "Sarah Moon" - you know, my "go to" project that has been in progress for way too long. So, why aren't you seeing a photo of it here? Well, I did get quite a bit stitched, but guess what?...I counted wrong and basically had to cut out all I accomplished - quite discouraging. So when I visited with a couple special stitching friends on Friday evening, I decided to start something new...something on larger count fabric...something that wouldn't require as much "focus" I started "Winter Wonderland" by Blackbird Designs - which I feel in love with the moment I first saw it! It is Loose Feathers Pattern 39...and luckily I am auto with one of my most favorite shops Elegant Stitch for all the Loose Feathers patterns with fabric and floss - so everything was ready for me to start - I have been collecting the LF patterns since they started and I have actually completed quite a few of them! So the photo is what little I completed on Friday night...hopefully I can get it done before Christmas (I can dream, can't I?!)....

The last two days have revolved around getting the class kits ready for when I teach for Stitcher's Hideaway in a few weeks. I am so excited to make this trip to Mystic, CT....but I still have quite a bit left to prepare. Yesterday during the Michigan football game (GO BLUE!) I kitted all the threads and finishing materials. Today, I tackled the linen - it was quite the task - it started as a 15 yard cut of 55" linen - now it is in 132 custom cut pieces...and they are all serged and ready to bag up! I am so happy to have this task done - I have been procrastinating because this giant piece of linen was quite unmanageable and heavy. So the class materials are now all kitted up and tomorrow I will finish taking some photos for the finishing instructions and start printing the materials for the class binders. I can't believe how quickly the dates for these classes are approaching....

Tomorrow, I am taking the morning off to spend time with my dear friend Merry - we are going to visit a couple favorite quilt shops and have lunch...and I can't wait! It is going to feel great to break out of my studio and the organized piles of work surrounding me...time with Merry is always fun, encouraging, and refreshing...and it is just what I *need* right now....


  1. Enjoy time with your friend! You certainly deserve a break after all that kitting.

  2. Way to go on getting everything bagged, invoiced and shipped out to shops everywhere! A big congrats on tackling that large piece of linen and getting it cut up and serged to be bagged!

    Enjoy your outing with your friend! Looking forward to hearing about any quilt shop finds!


  3. I hope this table give you a good feeling about all your work: it's an impressive pile.
    have a nice relax-time with Merry.

  4. Glad you got some stitching time in! We picked up your new stuff at Market this weekend, just too cute!

    Have a great time with Merry!

  5. Poor you! I can't imagine working with a piece of fabric that large! A job well done.
    Hope you had a get together with your friend. It was well deserved.

  6. Sounds you are having a good busy. Love the LF piece too.