Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiday Table Runner Progress

Time is limited right now...I have multiple Blue Ribbon Designs projects and deadlines in the works and they are definitely monopolizing my days....but I am trying to find a better balance - or at least find a few moments each day to do something I enjoy that is not related to business. Today I took an afternoon break from my upcoming class preparations to work on my Accuquilt Holiday GO! Table Runner. I managed to piece all 96 2" half square-finished triangles into 8 strips of 12....I slightly modified triangle layout from the pattern, so the strips felt more balanced to me. I wasn't looking forward to working with all these small triangles, but it actually went quite quickly using the chain-piecing method. I also fused the applique shapes on the wider strips. Tomorrow I plan to make time to do the applique stitching...I figure if I do a step or two each day, I should have this table runner finished in no time!...and a little sewing each day is defintely good for my sanity. You can see the strips lined up on my cutting table, laying side by side below - it is starting to come together...finished size will be approximately 12" x 46"...


  1. I really love the looks of this one, it's great!
    I think it's really important that you do take some time for yourself. Helps ease some of the stress.

  2. Your progress is amazing! Love the snowflakes! And your BBD from a post or two ago - love it! I have that one, but not even started yet...one of these days. Glad you spend time with your friend Merry - friends are so good for our souls, aren't they?!