Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sewing For Sanity

It has been a crazy few weeks getting the new designs prepared for the TNNA Fall Needlecraft Market coming up in less than two weeks. I want to thank everyone who has posted enthusiastic comments and sent me messages about the new releases - I am so THRILLED you like them - your encouragement and support has been over-the-top! My website is now updated with additional images, supply lists, and information on my new Stitch Starter Ruler. I spent the morning packaging my models for shipment to Norden Crafts for display in their booth...sending out an email to needlework shops...and answering all sorts of questions...tomorrow the chart bagging process will begin - I already have my bagging station all set up and ready to go. I picked up a large reprint order this week, so I will be bagging those charts tonight and will hopefully be caught up before the new designs are ready in the next day or two. My husband caught a glance of my to-list today and he officially thinks I am insane...and I may be by the time I get everything on it accomplished!

I have been feeling like an emotional wreck today - could be stress - or lack of sleep - or the fact I haven't had my sewing machine on in several weeks - or a combination of all three. I decided it would do my soul good to turn on the Diamond today and do a little quilting. I started by making a couple small project bags for surprise gifts - a couple special people will be receiving these soon! Then I decided to catch-up on my Accuquilt GO! Fabric Cutter block of the month series - if you remember, I completed the first two months (June and July)....but then things really got busy with BRD and I just haven't had a chance to do August or the new one for September...so finally, I did the August block (#3) today...and it actually went pretty quick and easy (no frogging!). It is called Flashing Windmills and like the others in the series has a finished size of 12" x 12". Before I clean up my work area, I am going to cut the pieces for the September block (#4)...then hopefully I will find time to piece it together tomorrow. This quilting time has actually given me the boost I needed this afternoon and I am ready to go start bagging charts...


  1. Love your August block! I really like the windmill pattern. After today at work I wish I could have stitched for sanity but I was just too tired to pick up my needle.
    Good luck with your to do list and try and get some rest.

  2. Would love to help you bag your charts, but the drive is a bit far for a "day trip"! Sending good thoughts your way as you tackle your to do list!


    P.S. Your new bags are super looking as is your quilt square!

  3. I love your zipper bags! Your quilt block is lovely. Your points match up so well!

  4. Belinda, your singing my song!!! My DD has left the nest and has moved 500+ plus miles away from me. If I put down my needle then my tears start to flow again...so sewing for sanity is not only my therapy but also as important as breathing.

    I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on your new Stitch Starters.......brilliant and beautiful!!!


  5. totally understand the emotional thing!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE the bags you made!!! So pretty!!! And I adore the one that I have!!! It is such a special treat for me!! thanks again!!!
    Have a very blessed day today!!

  6. I would be to stressed out to think about quilting, but I know how relaxing it can be. So you made the wise choice and it's always great to finish another block.

  7. I pre-ordered my Stitch Starter and the threads for the Peacock from ABC Stitch yesterday! Such a pretty AND useful item!

  8. isn't it funny how a little change up of fabrics/fibers, etc make going back to something easier? You are amazing at the amount you get done, I think! Love the bags you made - the fabric is pretty. And your square looks great.

  9. nice quilt blocks - love the colors..