Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet Simple Samplings - The Smalls

To say this week has been a bit hectic in our household would be an understatement. First off all, after being vandalized while I was in Rockford, my Jeep was at the dealer being repaired/painted this week...this meant several days of a trashy rental car (seriously, with my moderate OCD, I had to Lysol it before driving it). We are also in the middle of starting a bunch of home, we had meetings with our bank, an appraiser, and multiple contractors this week for new roofing, windows & doors, siding, and a new deck - it was almost overwhelming picking new colors, windows, doors, skylights, wood for the deck, light fixtures, and various other things. On top of that, we are doing some landscaping and building a small retaining wall in our back yard, so there was a bunch going on with that as well....and today I had a stump removal company come to give us an estimate for removing the awful hedges in the front of our house. That would all be enough...but on Wednesday, I had to take Simba (my Shih Tzu) to the vet for the day to have his teeth cleaned and his annual shots...he has had a small growth on his leg for quite some time, and at his last grooming it had been an issue, so we decided to have it removed, as well...he made it through everything okay, but he has five stitches in his leg (which he constantly wants to lick) - so he has an E-Collar (you know, the lampshade that goes around his neck)...which is a HUGE issue, as he cries, whines, and grunts the entire time it is needless to say, I have had two sleepless nights. Add all that to my increasing pile of work and I feel like everything is out of control! I did find time to finish up the smalls for "Sweet Simple Samplings" (shown below)...and I am frantically model stitching on various other deadlines. I am hoping to release "Liberty Stitchery" and "Sweet Simple Samplings" towards the end of July (if all goes well) - I was hoping to have both pieces back from my framer today...but that didn't happen...maybe tomorrow...then the files will go to my local printer for production. I have so many new Blue Ribbon Designs projects I want to start...and so many ideas swirling around in my head...if I can just stay focused with all the construction starting soon. I think I will need my weekly sewing/quilting stress reliever tomorrow morning...

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend...take some time to enjoy family, food, and fireworks...


  1. I hope next week is better for you Belinda.

    Love Sweet Simple Samplings :)

  2. Belinda, What a week! Here's hoping to an easier week next week. Take time to enjoy the little things and you can get through the bigger things. Best Wishes Nataly

  3. It does sound like you've been busy! Hope things calm down for you. Poor Simba! Love the smalls!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of work to have done around the house all at once. You'll have to let us see before and after pictures.
    The smalls are great. Can't wait to see the whole thing.
    Give Simba a hug for us.

  5. Great looking smalls, Belinda! Wow, what a lot of activity going on at your house! Hope you will share before and after pictures with us! Given Simba a scratch and a treat from me!

    Have a fabulous 4th of July weekend!


  6. One word -- RELAX -- all will work out in time.

    Your smalls are adorable - both stitching and finishing!

  7. Wow, you've had some stuff going on! Years ago I had my then dog's teeth cleaned. She had anesthesia and when I brought her home she cried and whined nearly 24 hours. I ended up sleeping on the floor with her! I love those smalls! Hope you have a Happy and calmer 4th of July!

  8. Love the blocks - especially the pinwheel-type block. Hope your sewing and stitching takes away some of your stress...and that your puppy is okay - those collars are no fun! Hope your remodeling and repair on your jeep goes smoothly!