Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunshine and Sunflowers

Although I am suffering from a terrible migraine today, I am still feeling blessed. What a better way to start the day than by looking out my studio window and seeing this amazing sunflower! Now, I can't take credit for growing this masterpiece - it is actually in one of my neighbor's flower gardens - she definitely has a green thumb and I am envious of her gardening abilities. I feel this is a sign of good things to come...and it brought happiness to my morning...

I also received a Blackberry message from my dear friend Terri, who saw the cover of the Just CrossStitch Annual Halloween Issue on a needlework shop website...and I am excited to say, my ornament is on the cover! It is in the lower right-hand corner...the owl sitting on a jack-o-lantern...and is titled "Perched on a Pumpkin". Look for this issue to arrive in August...

And finally, I just had to share something uplifting. Most days, my mailbox is full of junk mail and bills...yes, I do have those days where I am expecting something special (an online needlework order, a magazine) but they are few and far between. Several days ago, I received what looked like a bill from the company I order all my poly bags and shipping supplies from...normally, I pay the order online and they send me an invoice marked "paid" for my records...I have been ordering from them for about seven years (because of their great customer service), and other than a catalog or an invoice copy, I do not receive correspondence from them. The envelope I just received threw me off a little, as I had not recently placed an order - I immediately thought something was wrong with my account or I was being billed/charged for an order I did not place...what I found was something that blew me away! It was a letter thanking me for my business (so impressive!)...and even more impressive, it included two tickets to the Iowa State Fair in August. That might not sound over-the-top to you, but this company is not even located in Iowa - they are in Wisconsin...to say I was blown away is an understatement. In these economic times, where customer service is not always at the forefront, this small gesture seemed so GRAND...it gave me hope...and showed me there are those top-notch companies out there that do appreciate their customers and clients. Thank you Associated Bag Company - you brightened my day!


  1. The Sunflower just brightened my day. Thanks for sharing. I think that the business you are dealing with has got it right. Small, random acts of kindness go such a long way, don't they. You will most likely never take your business elsewhere. I wish there were more like minded people out there. Have a great time at the Fair.

  2. Beautiful Sunflower !!!!!!
    I hope the headache is better soon - I hear chocolate is good for that - lol

  3. How fun for that RAK you received! This company must really be a customer service based one! Hope your head is better - you've had some weather changes lately (the company I work for has a branch in Iowa and the branch manager and I talk weather all the time - I usually wish she'd keep it there) maybe that has something to do with the headache. Enjoy the sunflower while it's still blooming.

  4. Sorry about your migraine. I had one today and stayed home from work. Glad your day was brightened by the sunflower and the nice gesture from your bag company!

  5. You are truly rich when you can find joy in the little things in life. I hope the smile it brought to you also helped heal your migraine. We don't get JCS magazines here but a big congratulations on being on the cover. What a sweet Halloween ornament. Saskia and I talked about you today on our play date as I showed her my latest BRD chart and we worked on PT together. No photo update since I am still working on the last part. I am late as I had to finish my quilt I was making with the QAL. I have two weeks now to catch up and do my next part. :-)

    Happy Wednesday!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. What a goregous sunflower your neighbor has! Very bright and cheerful!

    What a fabulous gesture on the part of your 'bag people'!