Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cardinals For A Cure

Today I want to share some information on a very special project with you. Recently, Jean at Attic Needlework & Collectibles contacted me regarding her Annual Silent Auction for Breast Cancer Research. This year her already AMAZING fundraising efforts are expanding to include a published recipe book - this special cookbook "Recipe for a Cure" will also include charts and recipes from some of your favorite designers...and most importantly, all net proceeds from the sales of the recipe book are being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. How can you help?? - share your favorite family recipe! They are still wanting more recipes and have extended the deadline until July 31, 2010. To learn how you can easily submit a recipe, check out the Attic's Latest Newsletter for details. I have submitted several recipes..and I have designed an ornament especially for this very worthy cause. The chart for my ornament titled "Cardinals for a Cure" (seen below) will be in the published cookbook...which will be the only place you can find this design for at least one year. Obviously since they are still gathering recipes, this unique recipe book is not available yet...but I will be sure to update you when it is! ...and even more special news - I have donated my ornament model - the exact one seen below - to be auctioned off at the Annual Silent Auction in November....yep, stitched and finished by my own two hands! The auction (held each year - the last Saturday evening before Thanksgiving), raised approximately $20,000 last year from donations, mostly handmade ornaments. I will be sure to keep you updated on this spectacular fundraiser later this fall - but I wanted you (my blog readers/followers) to see my ornament design first! So, for now, take a moment to send in your recipes...and later this year, make sure to support this very worthy cause by purchasing a copy of "Recipes for a Cure"....


  1. What a terrific ornament for a terrific cause! Love your red birds!


  2. Jean is one amazing woman, isn't she? I can't wait until the book is published and I will be sure to have the girls at The Attic send me one when it is ready. I will also be looking forward to the silent auction later this year. I'm already saving my pennies so that I can bid on some beautiful ornaments. After all, it's for a wonderful cause!

  3. Belinda this is awesome! What a gorgeous pattern and ornament :o)

    I'm happy to hear that you're helping as well. At the first of the year, I started up a Blog and there's a bunch of stitchers that are involved :o) You can check it out here -

  4. Such a beautiful and inspiring design. Thank you for contributing and to help the Good Fight!!


  5. I love the design you did for a very worthy cause.

  6. That's a touching story! My mother had breast cancer, and now bone cancer. So this touches my heart! What a special way to raise more money to get this disease under control!
    I love your design, it sure gives me hope.

  7. What a great cause and a beautiful ornament Belinda! My mother just had her first year anniversary cancer free this week. The woman who was in the same room while they were waiting to go in for surgery for breast cancer just called her to say happy anniversary. That is indeed a happy one to celebrate.

    I just put on a post about cardinals too because of PT. I hope you will stop in to read it and twist along with us if you get a chance.

    Hugs from Holland ~