Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Embroidered Wedding Gift

Yesterday morning, I took a break from my hectic schedule for a little sewing with friends. I really needed to work on a wedding gift...and was thrilled to complete it (minus the stuffing) during our few hours of "girl time". What a great morning - I got to spend time with good friends, sew/machine embroider, and finish an item on my to-do list! I loved working on this pillow - which was custom made to match the decor in the newlyweds home...

I just have to tell you a bit about the embroidery design - it is called "Lovebirds Linework" and was designed/digitized by Needle in a Haystack. I happened upon Shelli from Needle in a Haystack Stitchery when doing a search for other needleworkers on Twitter - she had a link from her profile page to her blog - I took a look, and I was hooked! She has embroidery designs for hand and/or machine....along with sewing/stitching/quilting tutorials...a bunch of great designs and instructions! I have been enjoying keeping up with her blog postings...and for those of you wanting a lesson on hand embroidery, she currently has a great tutorial on her blog for making a hand-embroidered dish towel (along with a free design). Click on the button below to be taken to Shelli's blog...there you can find information about her stitchery designs...or look her up on Twitter (HaystackDesigns)!
Needle in a Haystack

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