Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Apron Girl

I'm an apron girl...yes, it's true...and I seem to have built quite a collection. Some are seasonal...some are floral...some are retro...some were made by my Auntie Ann...some were made by me - I truly love them all. I know in the last couple years, aprons have been making a "comeback"...I never knew they went out of style....they have always been a staple in my kitchen. Today, my Saturday sewing project was a vintage look apron trimmed with red rick rack! I had so much fun working on this...I think I was actually giggling as I attached the trim. This apron is going to be a nice addition to my ever-growing collection. As you can see, I also purchased a couple extra yards of matching fabrics..aren't they yummy?! They are from a line called "Momma's Apron Strings" by RJR Fabrics...I just loved the look of these fruity prints and had to add them to my stash. I am still working on ideas on how to use them - I just know I will find the perfect project....


  1. Oh my! I'm going to have to get my A into gear and make some aprons for myself. I am seeing so many pretty ones lately....this is lovely and so reminiscent of a simpler time - wonderful job!

  2. Oh wow! That's beautiful. My mom used apron on the day she make big dinner. Some of my friends use them too. ~ Dawn ~

  3. I love apron, too. I can see the cloth as a table covering, When I got married Todd's Grandmother gave us some of her Kitchen tablecloths that had simmilar print. I still have one of them.
    Have a great day