Friday, March 5, 2021

In My Happy Place - New Cross Stitch Designs

March 2021 New Releases ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC
Hello friends! I have so much to share today, I am not really sure where to start...but I guess the best place to start is with a big THANK YOU! I am overwhelmed by the positive response to my first FlossTube video - honestly, you have all made me a bit emotional. I truly appreciate all the kind words, lovely comments, likes and subscribes. I am actually ready to film Episode Two…and I have already filmed a full finishing tutorial for my new Under My Wing pinkeep design, which will be posted in the next few days. Thank you all for making me feel extremely welcome and a little less self-conscious and insecure. 

My new cross stitch designs have been listed in my Etsy Shop...and I feel extremely blessed by the enthusiastic response. I hope you can feel the love and joy I put into each piece. It feels good sharing new cross stitch designs, even if they are in a different format. I feel like I wasted so much time trying to fit into the "industry mold" of how things are supposed to be done...and now that I am doing what works best for me and my small business, my creativity is flowing. As I mentioned in previous posts, 2021 is the year for "finding my worth" and putting out new designs on my own terms is a HUGE step for me! I am learning daily...and I now realize that there is no mold that my business has to fit into - I need to make my own mold. Today is a good day - I have put more of my artwork out into the world - I have found my joy - I am crossing my fingers it will be successful and I can continue to pursue my passion...

Without further ado, here are the new designs. Each one is available in my Etsy Shop in digital download format. Each design includes charting in both color AND black and white - that way, if you are printing, you can save ink and print the black and white version OR if you are stitching from a device, you can use the color chart...the best of both worlds. Each design also includes full finishing instructions.

First up is "Pasture Parade"...this is my cow design for The Moo The Merrier designer collaboration. That's right - a bunch of your favorite designers have new designs, each featuring cows! This collaboration was right up my alley, as I have cows in my own backyard...they come right up to my fence line (see my design inspiration below). I always call it a "cow parade" when they are grazing along our fence...they line up and stroll by, just like a parade.😊 The parameters for this design were pretty loose - we all used the same Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton Petites thread pack of twelve colors - (most of the designs) are 60 x 60 - and they all feature a cow(s) in some way. My design is stitched on 32-count Sand Dune by Lakeside Linens with the following seven Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton colors (DMC equivalents provided): 1001 Bright White (B5200), 1005 Black (310), 1147 Christmas Red (817), 1174 Dark Pine (319), 1292 Heron Blue (3840), 4002 Buttercream (725), 4011 Milk Chocolate (3862). I decided to finish my design for an easel, opting for a flat finish...I backed it with Hand-Dyed Onsaburg Fabric (Pilot Light) by Lady Dot Creates and added two-tone twisted cord and gingham ribbon. Just wait until you see the variety of cow designs from your favorite designers - there are dozens of them, each special in their own way! Visit Instagram and search #themoothemerrier to see photos of quite a few...many designers are releasing them this weekend at the Needlework Expo trade show, so more photos are popping up daily...

Pasture Parade ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

Pasture Parade ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC
Pasture Parade Inspiration ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

My second new release is titled "Under My Wing" (if you look closely, you will see a tapestry needle tucked under the bird's wing). It is a sweet little sewing bird pinkeep that I designed especially with gift giving in fact, I designed the original a couple years ago with the sole intention of only making one for each of my dear friends Mary and Kimber as birthday gifts. I had quite a few people ask me about a pattern, so I decided to stitch a couple more as models and release it as a pattern. The models are stitched with Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton Petites on 32-count Chantilly Creme by Lakeside Linens. The chart includes both colorways you see pictured on the pattern cover and a full alphabet for personalizing/monogramming. The base of the pinkeep is a vintage zinc Ball Jar lid (which if you don't have one in an attic or basement, you can find on Ebay, Etsy or even Amazon...or at an antique shop or thrift store). The tops are trimmed with Hand-Dyed Chenille by Lady Dot Creates...and the perimeter of the base is trimmed with Vintage Ruler Half Inch by Lady Dot, as well...and I tucked a tapestry needle under the bird's wing as the final finishing touch. These are super easy to make substitutions - change up the color of thread on the spool and use a matching chenille and your best friend's initial(s) for a lovely handmade gift! Add some special decorative pins to complete the look. A full finishing tutorial video will be posted on my YouTube channel in the next week.

Under My Wing ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

Under My Wing ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

Under My Wing ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

Last, but definitely not least, is "My Favorite Things Sampler" - a bright and cheerful signature style Blue Ribbon Design! You can stitch the entire sampler, or select some of your favorite motifs for smaller projects. This design is stitched on 35-count Baby's Breath by Weeks Dye Works with Weeks Dye Works Hand Over-Dyed 6-Strand Floss (DMC equivalents are included). I decided to finish this piece as a quilted wall hanging - I used Hand-Dyed Onsaburg Fabric by Lady Dot Creates in Cheese Balls and Crab Grass for the borders and cotton quilt fabric for the binding and backing...and yes, finishing instructions are included. I have been working on this design since we moved to Kansas...and as a nature lover, it does showcase some of my favorite things...there are also some stitching and sewing motifs! The small squares are the perfect size for scissor fobs...and the middle section would be perfect for a small framed could even make a lovely selection of ornaments. The full design would look great in a tray, on a box top or in a frame. My signature samplers are created in sections that look good together or on their own - with each option having extensive stitching and finishing possibilities...and this design definitely hits those marks!

My Favorite Thing Sampler ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

My Favorite Things Sampler ©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

I truly hope one or all of these new designs will speak to you...and you will find joy in stitching one for yourself or a friend!

I am already working on more new cross stitch releases - seriously, I have piles (yes, piles!) in the if these are well-received, I will continue to bring you pieces that make my heart happy.

A couple other notes:
I will be slowly be converting my older cross stitch designs to digital download format and listing them as I go - two have already been listed in my Etsy Shop by popular demand "Valentine Wishes" and "Letters, Leprechauns and Luck". If you have a favorite you would like to see available in PDF format, send me a message or drop me a comment.

Also - more Stitch Starter Rulers are on the way! Hooray!! I finally found a wonderful laser cutting and printing company and they are working on my restocking order...the design proof has been finalized and they estimate to ship to me on March 9th. I will list them and post on social media as soon as they arrive. I know many of you have been patiently waiting and I appreciate you!

Finally - I will be updating my website with the new designs today - I am still working on listing the digital designs for sale on my website (there is a learning curve), so for now, visit my Etsy Shop to purchase the new designs...

Thank you so much for visiting with me today and sharing in my happiness...I hope you are inspired by this post to work on something that brings you joy!


  1. LOVE your new designs, dear Belinda! The cow one makes me smile, the bird small is darling and the signature "sampler" is so true to you and perfect as a whole or in parts. xoxoxoox

  2. Thank you just ordered the bird pin keep .

  3. New BRD charts - now I’ll be in my happy place too! These are wonderful Belinda - can’t wait. Hugs, ~R

  4. Your new designs are all very nice.

  5. Belinda: All your designs are beautiful.
    I am so excited to see the Under My Wing tutorial.
    Congratulations on your first Floss Tube Video