Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Studio Summary

Happy July! I'm back with another very quick blog days have been filled trying to keep caught up with customer orders (which is a great thing!).  I have been making all sorts of project bags in a variety of sizes and fabrics and I still have large quantities on order, so I thought I would stop by and share photos of some of my latest I have been working on tons of needlework finishing over the last week...and oh my goodness, there will be some fabulous photos coming in the near future! I have some very talented clientele and I am honored that they trust me to finish their handwork. I've been spending the last couple days finishing a large order of Christmas ornaments - and I have six more large orders of needlework finishing to complete before I get back to more sewing and quilting.

Here are just a few of my latest project bag finishes...these are some beauties for a couple of my favorite customers...they always send the most gorgeous fabrics that brighten up my work table...these are my large and small project bags, along with a couple of my special clear vinyl-lined cosmetic bags...

I'm in the middle of printing a cross stitch chart order, then I am back in my studio working on more Christmas truly feels like Christmas in July here...😃

I hope you are staying healthy and positive this summer...and finding ways to be creative!


  1. You always do the most beautiful finishing!!!

  2. The bags are all so pretty!

  3. What a gorgeous assortment of project bags you created, Belinda! Well done! xoxoxox