Thursday, July 23, 2020

Stitching and Sewing Spotlight

Hello creative friends! It has been another busy week of needlework finishing in the studio, with a couple sewing/quilting items thrown in the mix, as well. My studio has looked like a bomb exploded in it for the last few always seems to become a mess when I am finishing cross stitch Christmas ornaments. I had all sorts of backing fabric, DMC flosses for twisted cord and tons of lovely hand-dyed trims and embellishments pulled trying to make each piece special...not to mention all the lacing threads, tapes, glues, a huge assortment of needles, comic book boards, batting, etc. I couldn't stand it any longer, so as soon as I completed a client order today, I cleaned everything up to start fresh tomorrow.

The Christmas ornaments in this post were all stitched by the same talented needleworker - she asked they all be flat finishes and left the rest of the creativity to me...again, this is not my stitching or my designs, just my finishing work. Details are posted with each image...fabrics shown with each were used for backing...

Country Cottage Needleworks - Christmas Cheer

Primrose Needleworks - Believe
2017 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue

Country Cottage Needleworks - Be Merry

Country Cottage Needleworks - Angels

Country Cottage Needleworks - By The Chimney

Country Cottage Needleworks - Christmas Cookies

Lizzie Kate - Tiny Tidings VII

Lizzie Kate - Tiny Tidings VII

I also did some sewing for my Mom and Dan this week - they requested a couple arm chair caddies. I used the "Couch Caddy" pattern from Lazy Girl Designs, but altered the materials slightly. These were made with stability and pets (pet hair) in mind - I used a neutral canvas (sturdy and easy to wipe clean) and fusible fleece for both. They were shipped off to Illinois earlier this week and arrived yesterday - and by the sound of it, they are going to work perfectly...hopefully they work better than the one they ordered from Amazon...time will tell....

Lastly today, I have been working with some absolutely stunning upcoming fabrics from Poppie Cotton...I can't reveal what I am making with them just yet, but you will get all the details and photos when I am a part of their Cherished Moments Fabric Tour in August (my day will be August 14th)! The fabrics shown below are from the Cherished Moments collection that will be in shops next month - and I just adore the tiny details in each print (for close-ups, visit the link). Lucky me, I am working with THREE upcoming Poppie Cotton fabric collections, which is a true treat for me!

I'll be finishing up my projects with this fabric collection over the next few days, making a few more face masks, and then it is on the next finishing order. Thanks for stopping by - I look forward to visiting with you again soon....


  1. All of the ornaments look so very pretty with pretty backing fabrics.
    Looks like a nice sturdy caddy.
    Love the colors of the Cherished Moments fabrics.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What beautiful ornaments you created for your client, Belinda! The caddies you made for your Mom and Dan look great. Well done! Looking forward to seeing what you are creating with the Poppie Cotton fabrics!

  3. Nice work! I love the backings you chose for the ornaments! You also gave me an idea for an ort saving method since I can't have a jar sitting where the cat can get at it.

  4. Love the way you match the fabric so well to the stitching .
    Have a fun week.