Saturday, January 28, 2017

Keeping It Real...

Greetings friends...I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post...and that is really unlike me. I have had things to share and pictures to post - but the words just weren't coming...

Do you ever have those days/weeks when you question life and what it's all about? I seem to be lost in thought lately - completely "in my head"...which is great for my creativity and getting things done - but not so good when it comes to expressing myself. I've been working on me - mentally and physically...and it's ALL good. Many of you know that I am a complete control freak...and sometimes it takes situations being totally out of my control to help me find clarity and remember what is really important. I'm finding out that sometimes those circumstances/relationships that I thought were most important are weighing me down or not as they appear. I am learning some of life's great lessons...for better or worse...and growing in the process. Speed bumps are inevitable and I have determined it is how you deal with them that truly shows your character...I am proud of how I handle adversity and change...and how when my faith, trust, and hope are tested, I can react calmly and logically (that hasn't always been the case). So, I am moving forward, one step at a time, and learning more about myself daily....hanging out in my head, which seems to be a place of refuge at the moment...knowing there is a plan for me and that things will work out (maybe not how I want, but) for the best. That sure doesn't mean that things are quiet here - I have been designing, creating, finishing, and making plans for the future...yep, I have no less than four lists going at once on my desk - things to do, things to simplify, things to organize, and things to let go...all in an effort to find that elusive "balance."

This prize package from Husqvarna Viking that I recently received for my #sewworthit
video entry has been helping me create - thank you to everyone who voted for my video!

Needlework has always been the heart and soul of Blue Ribbon Designs and I am trying to decide how to move forward in an industry that has drastically changed over the past three years. After just a few more hours of stitching time, I will have another needlework design model completed...that will make a pile of sixteen finished models...and I have sketchbooks that are full of ideas and drawings. I may release these designs on my website and in my Etsy shop...or I may release some to shops and distributors...or some I may use some as class pieces for teaching...and there are several other options I haven't even explored yet. They may be printed or they may be digital or both. I know my loyal fans have been patiently waiting for new releases and I keep creating them - I am just trying to figure out the best and most economical way to get them in your hands in an ever-changing business climate. Regardless of what many may think, It is not easy being a small business owner and many times tough decisions have to be made to keep afloat - there are countless times I have to set aside what I want to design, create, and accomplish to do jobs that pay the bills - it is a very fine balancing act that can leave me feeling unfulfilled and/or wondering if doing what I love is really more beneficial than financial security. If you would like to share your constructive/positive ideas and insights with me - I am listening - feel free to send me an e-mail or private message.

BRD-026 Valentine Wishes

BRD-064 Small Tokens of Affection

BRD-045 Sealed With A Kiss

I have been working on new sewing and quilting ideas, as well...and again, I have a file folder of over 40 project designs I have created/photographed to be put into pattern form for sale or distribution....and sketchbooks and EQ7 files of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of design ideas/patterns. I find it really hard to turn off my creative mind - everything seems to be a source of inspiration and when those ideas hit, I grab a sketchbook or post-it or scrap of paper (whatever is handy) and draw/write. So, while I haven't necessarily been expressing myself verbally, I have been expressing myself creatively. 

I have been working on custom orders, freelance jobs, and needlework finishing for customers - any work that comes my trying to sew at least one item for my Etsy shop every single day. I may not have financial security, but I do have a passion for each and every project that finds a way into my studio. Perhaps the perfect job is out there in the world for me, where I can have a steady paycheck and be creative on a daily basis...and if you know what that opportunity is, please do share with me! 

Winter months make me yearn for organization and is still January, yet I find myself wanting to spring clean and simplify. I have been making piles and organizing...and getting ready to list a bunch of needlework stash that I will never get to in my lifetime. I have piles of kits, charts, books, limited edition pieces, etc. that need new homes where they will be loved and put to good use. I've been going through closets/cabinets/drawers/boxes and letting go of things that I/we don't need or use frequently....all in hopes to find that "balance" I am searching's a process...and like most things, it is moving way too slow for me (a few more hours in each day would be nice...).

I guess what I am trying to say is - I'm still around and I'm keeping busy. My creative side is hard at work...and as my path becomes more clear and I can articulate things better, I will be here - keeping it real - doing my best to share my joy of all things positive, creative and artistic...until then, please be patient with me, we all need a little personal reflection once in awhile...


  1. Oh Belinda, thank you for sharing your creativity and the sewing you have been doing. You are so right about finding a balance and one that allows you to continue to create. xoxoxo

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of great ideas.
    Can't wait to see the new design.
    That's great prize package!
    Have fun with it.

  3. it's hard to find balance in life even if you work full time like I do. Working in a busy demanding job sucks the life out of you but like you said - it's financial security and if anything in life can be secure - it's knowing that you must have a way to pay the bills. Everything else is 2nd to that - in my life anyway. I hope you will find peace and a way to continue doing what you love doing. Take care Mel

  4. I hear you....You work so hard, you are very talented and yes I confess I adore all your designs!! For me personally you are a BIG inspiration, I love everything you create.... I am looking forward to seeing some new releases. Can I be first in the queue please!! :) I think it amazing that everyday you do what your passionate about, it must be hard to balance life.... hang in there. Ooooh great prize you won, sad I could not vote from England :(
    Thank you for being such a wonderful designer :)