Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Back to Basics

Hello friends...oh, how I have missed you! In the many years that I have been blogging, this is by far the longest I have gone without a post...I have been spending some much needed time taking care of me and I thank you for being patient. Things have been challenging for the first quarter of 2017, but I am getting back to basics and have all sorts of fun things to share with you. I have been busy traveling, designing, creating, and trying to find balance. Life has been full of inspiration and creativity the last couple months and I'm back today to start sharing some of my joy - so, let's get caught up!

Let's go all the way back to February this afternoon. Escaping the winter blues and traveling to Florida for a little rest and relaxation has almost become a yearly occurrence, thanks to my mom and her husband Dan. This year my husband was traveling for business, so I made the trip to visit them on my own. It was a glorious week, filled with all sorts of outdoor activities -  my mom and Dan were the BEST hosts and I got to do so many wonderful things (I am blessed)! It was exactly what I needed to replenish my spirit. I was able to spend time at the ocean (Clearwater Beach and Canaveral National Seashore)...visited the Harry P. Leu Gardens (the most incredible 50-acre botanical grounds - I could have spent days there!)...hiked the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary and walked the Visitor Center Boardwalk at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge...visited  Disney Springs - played mini golf at Fantasia Gardens and indulged in ice cream at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop...explored Silver Springs State Park and took a scenic St. John's River Cruise...then had an incredible birthday dinner at Jiko (at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge). Yes, it was an incredible trip and gave me some clarity that I desperately needed. As usual, I took a ton of photos for creative inspiration and I thought I would share some favorites with you today...

I hope you enjoyed my photo journal from Florida...and just maybe, some of my photos inspired you too! Look for more posts this week featuring my latest sewing/quilting projects, needlework finishing photos, beautiful birthday gifts, and more travel images from my recent trip to Texas (I told you, I have a lot to share)...


  1. I truly enjoyed the view from your camera's lens, Belinda. What incredible pictures you shared of the nature surrounding you! Hmmm, now I want some ice cream.

  2. Well hello and welcome back. Thank yo for sharing the beautiful pictures....glad you have been resting and ready to return with creative juices.

  3. WOW! Welcome back. Love your commentary and pictures and looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Cathryn

  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of your trip with us.