Sunday, January 1, 2017

Holiday Wrap-Up

While I tend to spend my time looking forward and adjusting to new challenges, I always find the start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on accomplishments and dream for the future. The year 2016 was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me - starting off slow...lots of ups and downs...and calmly coming to a stop. I definitely learned some life lessons this past year...I also reached some personal goals and did some big planning/dreaming for the future. With the arrival of the new year, I feel refreshed, hopeful, and ready to tackle what life has in store for me!

The last couple weeks leading up to the holiday were a bit of a whirlwind, filled with all the traditional year-end tasks, including: keeping up with all my various work projects...while trying to make all my Christmas gifts and send cards and packages...and decorate, clean house, bake, shop, wrap, and prepare a large Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. I will be the first to tell you - my holiday spirit wasn't really in full-swing this year - I got everything done and did enjoy the preparations, but truth be told, this year I was a bit "bah humbug" - that is until my mom decided to lift my spirits. Knowing I was a bit down, she arranged for a gift to arrive each of the six days before Christmas - and the first surprise was a beautiful fresh floral delivery...a gorgeous bouquet featuring carnations (my favorite), chrysanthemums, holly and pine - and it smells so good (I say "smells" because after 2-weeks, it is still thriving). The following days, multiple gifts arrived to pamper me (and boy, oh boy, did I feel pampered)...on one particular day, I even received a box full of retro candy, which was quite the treat! We talked on the phone each day, sharing our holiday joys...and she gave me her list of favorite holiday movies, which I promptly recorded.

In the end, I finished making all my gifts and they were wrapped and shipped (ON TIME)...the cards were sent (some a little late, but BEFORE Christmas), the house was clean, and the Christmas dinner went off without a hitch....yes, I am truly blessed. It was fun to receive cards and packages from faraway friends - some were a complete surprise. The holiday movies reminded me of the true meaning and reason for Christmas...and a big holiday meal with family was one more blessing to add to the list. My heart is full....

So in love with these little cross stitch sled ornaments…
my dear friend Robin makes me one each year... 2014 was the squirrel, 2015 was the quilt,
and this year she stitched the monogram... 💗

Some of my wrapping...

From Instagram - my "best nine in 2016" (photos with most likes)...

Binding a floral table runner for a gift...

One of my fabric baskets with a matching pin cushion and a few stitching treasures
to tuck inside...a gift I sent to a dear friend...

My Accuquilt blog post tutorial for December features these
fun fabric baskets - there was some confusion at AccuQuilt, but I have been
assured it will be posted soon - if not, I'll post it here on my blog
this week - thank you for your patience!

An Americana wall hanging I made for a very special friend...
my own design...

Another fun thing to share...
In a package from my fabulous friend Terri, I received a lovely engagement calendar, that I am already putting to good use. I use a calendar in my iPhone for daily appointments and deadlines, but I am using this beauty to keep a list of everything I create in 2017 - I already have notes on several dates. This will be tracking all my creative activity and to-do lists...
Inside this spiral bound calendar, the year is conveniently broken down by week...with seven days per page...along with color photos of prizewinning quilts...perfect to have open on my desk!

As we start a new year, I would like to thank you for supporting Blue Ribbon Designs and my artistic journey. You continue to inspire me with your creativity, kindness, and generous spirits - BRD would not be possible without you and your patience as I explore new creative avenues and ideas. In preparation for 2017, take a moment to reflect on the past year and the many blessings bestowed upon you...and be sure to take a look at all the beautiful stitching, sewing, quilting, and crafting projects you have accomplished. I wish you a happy, healthy 2017, filled with joy, laughter, and creativity! 


  1. It looks like you received some nice gifts to lift your spirits.
    You also made and sent some nice projects also.
    Wishing you a healthy, Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year, dear friend! What fun things you have received; love the flowers from your Mom. Carnations are my favorite as well. I always enjoy viewing your creativity through your projects.

  3. What a wonderful thing for your mom to do! Good job getting all your Christmas tasks done. Now, enjoy all that 2017 has to offer!

  4. Happy, Happy New Year Belinda! You are always so busy and creative, I can't wait to see what you do this year. I'm sure it will be a better year! Hugs

  5. Happy New Year! I love your fabric baskets.