Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pincushions, Pouches, and Projects

I'm pretty sure my last few days have been hijacked...I really don't know where the hours have has been one of those weeks where I'm busy from early morning to late night (early morning) and I'm not really sure what has been accomplished. I had the best intentions to do several blog posts this week, but just didn't make it back as soon as planned. I did manage to get multiple birthday gifts sent out on time in the last week...I finished charting and started stitching my 2015 Komen exclusive cross stitch fundraising design...I finished several custom orders and I have several in the works...and if all goes well, two boxes of needlework finishing that have arrived will get worked on in the next several days. Plus, I got the BRD website updated (which proved to be a time-consuming but gratifying experience - I continue to learn and impress myself).

Today I am sharing a very sweet cross stitch pincushion I stitched and finished (my own design - details coming soon), along with a coordinating patchwork zipper pouch. It is another cheerful finish that brought me joy along the way! We all know I love to finish needlework smalls...and making the quilted patchwork pouch was a true treat. I have had plans to make these pretty little zippered bags for my Etsy shop for some time - I just had to perfect my pattern and the sizes (and make time to work on one).

I also had a request for some red, white and blue freestanding lace star I did some test embroideries (short video below) and finished several sets...three of which have sold, but I have one set left (and I might make several more) to list in my Etsy Shop. The multi-colored ornaments didn't stitch out as well as the solid-colored (which look much more professional and look the same on both sides) I decided to stick to one color per ornament...

I am now working on a couple custom quilt pieces (a table runner and a table topper) which are my own designs, as are the beautiful fabrics I am playing with...

Red, White & Free Collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda
along with a Navy Bella Suede by P&B Textiles.

Village Green Collection by Carolyn Gavin for P&B Textiles (a favorite of mine!)
along with a yellow gingham and a solid Kona Cotton (Papaya) by Robert Kauffman.

 I have been getting in some great training walks this week too - except for today, as it has been pouring rain - but Miss Schatzi and I have been getting in around 7-miles each evening. I was SUPER excited to see one of my favorite trails is now open again after being closed for almost two years (it runs under the interstate and they have been working on the bridge for a couple years) - it allows me to walk 10 to 15-miles all on trail (yay!). Here is an evening photo I snapped a couple nights ago as we walked around the West Des Moines Campus Pond...and a rainy photo I shot this evening...

I guess after writing all that, I have accomplished a little something this week...and the next week and a half I have a lot planned, so I need to be productive. Tonight I am headed to my stitching nest to work on my special Komen fundraising design - I can't wait to get it stitched so I can share it with you...


  1. Busy is good!!!
    And by the sounds of things you have been really busy! Oooh looking forward to seeing this years Komen fundraising design.... It's marvellous that you take part in the challenge and design something to raise funds too. And we get to see really beautiful photos of your walks... Thank you :)
    I adore your new little design, it's cute :). Ooooh loving the village green collection of fabrics...adorable!! Cannot wait to see what you do with those.
    Thank you for the update, even though your really busy, it's always lovely to hear from you and what you are getting up to. Just wish I could send more hours in the day to you!
    Smiles :)

  2. You have been busy!
    All great projects.

  3. As Jacquie said, busy is good and I really do believe that you have been as busy as a bee! You already know I love the pouch and the pin pillow. Love the patriotic fabrics you pulled and also like the Village Green fabrics. Glad you are getting in your training walks and know that Schatzi enjoys them as well. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  4. Those are the sweetest pincushions! I'd almost be afraid to pierce the cross stitching with my pins!

  5. Your pincushion is too cute!

  6. Love the new small design :)

  7. You are really going to town, you have accomplished so many projects. The star ornaments are so cute and of course I love the pincushions. Do you walk the whole 10 - 15 miles? I four a day and that's a lot to me! hahaha