Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blarney Baskets

I'm a little late with my February Bitty Blocks post...I actually finished up my February Bitty Blocks on Sunday, February 29th (yes, at the very last minute), but with all the excitement of the AccuQuilt GO! Big Blog Hop, I am just now getting around to sharing my Bitty Basket Blocks with you...

Just in case you missed my January post or are new to my blog...I am trying to do some fabric scrap "maintenance" by participating in Quiltmaker Magazine's Bitty Block program. On the first Monday of each month during 2015, Quiltmaker Magazine will post a Bitty Block on their blog Quilty Pleasures...the blocks will be approximately 3″ or 4″ square...and even better, this is a FREE project - you provide the materials, they provide the instructions. The plan is to make Bitty Blocks during the month and then sew them into a row....then the rows will be sewn together to create an unique throw-size sampler quilt made from bunches of Bitty Blocks. In typical Belinda fashion, I decided to make a miniature seasonal quilt each month with my bitty blocks to display in my cute little 12" quilt stand. In January, I used the 3" Bitty Bow Tie Blocks to make my "The Lovebirds" mini quilt...and in February, I used my 3" Bitty Basket Blocks to make my St. Patrick's Day mini quilt "Blarney Baskets".

If you are following along on the Quilt Pleasures blog, then you know, the February Bitty Block was a 4" Basket Block. Well, I had already worked out a plan for my miniature quilt and really wanted to use a 3" finished block, so I did some mathematical adjustments and made my blocks "itty bitty"! I used my AccuQuilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter to cut 3 1/2" squares, then used the method shared on the Quilt Pleasures blog to make my teeny tiny half square triangle units - then trimmed each one to measure 1 1/4" square (yep, that means each unit has a finished size of only 3/4"). I also had to adjust the size of the other block components. Even though they are super tiny, I think my 3" finished basket blocks turned out SUPER CUTE! I then combined them with 3 1/2" (3" finished squares) to make my miniature quilt for the month...I even machine appliqu├ęd a shamrock in each corner.

I now have my monthly miniature St. Patrick's Day quilt on display in my adorable 12" stand and it makes me happy!

Now it's time to focus on the March Bitty Block...which I am thrilled is a 3" House Block...how fun is that?! Later in the month, I will be back to show you my March mini quilt...my creative juices are already flowing...


  1. Your mini Shamrock quilt is super cute, Belinda! Love the fabrics you used! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a mini quilt and the house block.


  2. Oooh it's wonderful, I love all the fabrics you used..... It is rather cute! Ha ha I should say which mini quilt.... Well actually after looking at your St Patrick's day one and your Love Birds design, ... I think it applies to both!!
    Everything you make is lovely, you are seriously very talented and so inspirational, Thank You!! I too cannot wait to see what you come up with next :)
    Smiles :)

  3. Great job on your mini baskets. Very cute.

  4. just gorgeous, Belinda...and I'm not even a big fan of green. I love it even more than Jan!

  5. I love it. Shamrocks are my favorites.