Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Website Hiccups...

I am aware that some of you are experiencing difficulty and frustration with the new website - while some of you are able to visit and explore easily, others cannot get the site to load or receive an error message. Please know I am addressing the intermittent speed and connection issues and I'm working with my web host and software provider on a solution. Thank you so very much for your patience, I hope to have everything running smoothly as soon as possible. Computers are a marvelous thing most of the time; however, I have quickly learned they can also cause migraine headaches - and truth be told, this entire website project is making me feel like an epic failure. Please bear with me while I work out this latest "challenge" and I hope to be back soon, letting you know all is well...cross your fingers and/or say a little prayer for me - I could use some good vibes and a little positivity today!

....and just so this post has a happy, creative twist, here is a new update on my 2014 Komen "pink" design...and yes, I am still trying to come up with the perfect title...


  1. Love the sneak peek of your pink design, Belinda! While I don't like wishing time away (it speeds by fast enough on its own), I am ready for the cooler temperatures of fall!

    Know you are in my thoughts and good vibes/positive thoughts are heading your way!


  2. Love the colors and the owl!

  3. Absolutely love the design and the colors!!!! Great Job!!

  4. ohh love the colors and cute owl..
    hugs x

  5. That design looks so enticing!

    We all go through computer headaches and struggles. Hang in there.. things will settle down!