Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Iowa Summer...

Hello friends - I sure have missed you (and from the photo on the right, my dogs aren't getting enough attention either...this is what is waiting for me when I come down the stairs from my studio). It has been a couple hectic weeks...and although I have a TON of creative things to share with you, it has been hard to make the time to sit down and blog. Troubleshooting with the new website has been a huge time investment...and now, I am waiting for the latest cart software update, hoping that will fix some of the connection issues that some of you are experiencing. I have around forty handmade items to add, but I was hoping the site would be working properly for everyone before I take the time to list everything. Thank you for your patience while I sort everything out - and for those of you who have been able to view and explore the new website, thank you for your very kind compliments and orders. I have also been keeping busy with some special design projects and commissioned sewing/quilting work - unfortunately, needlework just doesn't pay the bills these days, so I have been forced to sit it on the back burner and focus on projects that can supplement my has been quite the balancing act, but when you are passionate about your career, you find a way to keep your dream alive. I am also getting in my training walks for the Komen 3-Day in November...and yes, I am still stitching on the model for my 2014 fundraising is about 75-80% finished, so you will see it soon - I really wanted to have it completed by now, but life has had other plans....

So I thought I would share a few photos I have taken over the last several weeks - a little "catch-up"...and then later this week, I will share some of my latest sewing/quilting creations with you (I have a bunch!)....

Raccoon River Park - this is where I do a lot of walking with Schatzi - it is
3 miles to walk around the lake...

On the Nature Walk at Raccoon River Park

Travis giving Schatzi a swimming lesson at Raccoon River Park...

I took a little road trip with my friend Lorrie to Pella, Iowa, where we visited
the quilt shop and the bakery.

Fishing with friends on the 4th of July...yep, that is my fishing pole (and yes, I
have a fishing pole).

Here is one of the 8 fish I caught - obviously, I threw them all back...

Friends around the fire pit on the 4th of July...(their house overlooks the pond we
were fishing on)...

Toasting marshmallows for s'mores....

The first s'more I have made/had since I was a kid...I made my husband hold it
for a photo...and yes, it was delicious...

Iowa sunset on Independence Day

A Tiger Swallowtail butterfly I spotted on an early morning training walk...

Another quiet, early morning on the trail with Schatzi - this was taken on one of
the bridges - it is my favorite bench in a small clearing...we have a lovely trail system
close to our home...

A current photo of Miss E Schatzi Nace Wir Vertrauen CGC - she is now 82 pounds.


  1. I hope things sort themselves out soon for you...
    Great happy post... I have a question... what is a s'more? It looks really interesting and gooey...and I guess by the name you always want more? The 4th celebration looks a lot of fun. Miss Shatzi is looking lovely, such a good looking German shepherd.
    Smiles from faraway in England, wishing you a happy weekend :)

  2. love your post - it does Iowa proud!
    A fellow Iowan

  3. Sounds like things are starting to get going, good luck on the new site, I took a peek.
    Love all your pictures the dogs are so sweet.
    I love smores.


  4. Loved your photo essay, Belinda! Schatzi is a gorgeous girl! I love the picture of Simba and her waiting on you! Enjoy your weekend!