Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Preparing for Dallas

Schatzi and I have been getting in our 3-Day training walks each and every morning...we usually walk somewhere between 5 and 6 miles...and today she had her first 6+ mile walk. I have been trying to take a photo a day while we are on the trail, so I have a little album of all our training. Yesterday we decided to take a new trail path and came upon fields of wildflowers - it was absolutely beautiful in the early morning sunshine. I managed to get a few photos and thought I would share them here...and I captured the squirrel photo in the afternoon while we were at the park playing fetch...you know I can't resist a good squirrel photo opportunity! All this time outside is really sparking my creativity....

I am keeping extremely busy in my studio, working on commissioned designing and quilting projects - my sewing machine has been humming a long for a couple weeks - it is a such blessing to have the work. Plus, I have a HUGE pile of needlework finishing to get completed for a customer - I can't wait to get started - hopefully I will be able to share some of these finishes with you, as well - the stitching is gorgeous. Also - my Komen 3-Day needlework design is almost finished - I am hoping to share it with you next week (fingers crossed) - yep, I have been stitching every night...

So, for now, I am off to take Schatzi to run at the park...cook dinner (I'm thinking BLTs this evening)...and then get in my daily stitching time...


  1. Just looks a wonderful place to walk and get your training done... beautiful flowers too. I bet Shatzi is loving all the walks.. and way to go!! for doing 6+ miles :)
    Oooh wonderful that you have lots of work, funny I think as its such fun too!
    Looking forward to the reveal of your Komen-3-Day needlework design... I already know I want one!! When will we be able to buy one?... soon I hope as it looks stunning from the little peeks :)
    Happy stitching..
    Smiles :) x

  2. Love all of the pics from your walk - so beautiful! It is winter here downunder so it is lovely to see some beautiful wild flowers. Glad to hear that you are so busy with your stitching.

  3. What a beautiful area for your training walks, Belinda! I chuckled with your squirrel photo and the flowers/greenery is so lush looking.


    PS Looking forward to seeing your Komen walk piece!