Sunday, July 28, 2013


For some reason, when I start a new project (needlework or quilting), I always think I can finish it overnight...take this for example...would you look at this and think "no problem, I can get this done quickly"?...well, I did...

"And They Sinned" - Examplar Dames Design Co. (Vilma C. Becklin)
Started in February 2003 - Finished in June 2003
Stitched Over-One on 32-count Flax Linen
Stitch Count: 809 H x 169 W
I do it with my design work, as well...I design a grand project and then think to myself: "I should be able to have this stitched in a week"...and I find myself getting quite frustrated when it takes me a bit longer. ...and it's not limited to stitching/needlework projects - I do it with sewing and quilting projects, as well - I start a quilt and think it should be done in one day. In fact, I started a project back in April thinking, "this is doable, I can have it done quickly" (it's only 56" x 70")...and here it is three months later and it is still waiting for backing, quilting, and binding. It seems the last three months have been filled with challenges and "time stealers"...the California plague, Blue Ribbon Designs deadlines and projects, walking/training for the Komen 3-Day, household chores, yard work...and these two (especially the new German Shepherd puppy)...

So today, I have plans to work on that April quilt I started months is calling my name...and I *need* some quiet time with my sewing machine! The fabrics are yummy and they make me happy...and strange as it may be, for this quilt, I picked the backing fabric (shown below) before deciding on the quilt top (I just loved it). I can't show you anymore yet, as it is a gift (yes, a long overdue gift)...

Posh by Chez Moi for Moda (retired)
This week, I will have details on some *NEW* Blue Ribbon Designs charts...I am just waiting to see a final proof from my printer before giving you shipping/release dates. I have six new designs ready and currently in printing production...and I will be releasing two in August, two in September, and two in October. Plus, I am working on two winter/holiday designs that will follow in November...yep, I am going to be keeping all my Blue Ribbon Designs fans happy for the next several months - there are very fun things coming soon! Check back later this week for details and photos of the August releases...

For now, I am headed to my sewing studio...I am taking an afternoon off from work and other obligations to sew...yep, a little "me" time (I know, it doesn't happen often)...and hopefully I will have a finished quilt to show you soon...


  1. I think I'm going to buy one of your Christmas charts. I love doing embroidery in the Fall/Winter.

  2. Have an enjoyable afternoon with your quilt and sewing machine! Looking forward to seeing your finished project.


  3. I've been working on that piece since it came out. Still haven't gotten to the cloud yet! AS IF! Congrats on those ribbons however. You ROCKED that show. When I get mine done and put in our local fair, it won't win 1st place. This year it was my Sampler Gameboard by DT and sure enough a Dimensions kit beat me out. I do keep trying however.
    Adana Adams

  4. That's a beautiful piece, Belinda. How did you frame it up for stitching? A hoop? I'm thinking of stitching it and haven't done something so long and narrow. Congratulations on the awards!

    1. Hi Chrissie,
      To stitch "And They Sinned", I used a small 8" Qsnap (my "hoop" of choice)...I then rolled up the excess fabric and used long hair clips to hold in place. :-)

  5. That is stunning! It is worth all the effort and time! I hope you enjoy creating with your sewing machine :)

  6. Things ALWSYS take me longer than I think they will! Your ATS is beautiful! Over one? I think you finished it very quickly! Can't wait to see your new releases!

  7. Your ATS is just beautiful - I have been thinking about ordering this chart - but OVER ONE? - I think that it is too much of a strain on my poor eyes! But I just love it - you must be thrilled to have sewn it so quickly. Congratulations on the rosettes - much deserved x

  8. It is so nice to hear someone else say this! In my mind, when I buy a new chart, it is already stitched and finished or framed and hanging on the wall!!! Sadly, I have an unbelievable desire to start everything right away so...Right now I'm eagerly waiting for Mischief at Midnight. Patiently?...not so much. Schoolgirl Samplings is currently keeping me distracted. I've stitched all the Land pieces and have started the sea. I have to say I am loving it! Thank you for such terrific designs...and lease keep them coming! Nancy in NY

  9. Oh, Belinda, I think that too.
    Also, when we got our poodle at 5 months I am telling you, the first 3 months we had him I didn't get any "me" time. It was work and him...that was it! I am so glad he has grown up a bit...that has been a year now. He still loves to play and we do that but at least I don't have to entertain him all the time now.
    Can't wait for your new designs. I so look forward to seeing what you have designed for us. And a new Christmas one...oh boy!
    Take care and remember to take time for you!
    Judy in Kansas