Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Early Bluebird...

Happy Wednesday friends and followers! It is a warm, sunny day here and we are getting ready to put lunch on the grill, but I thought I would check-in with a quick update first. I managed to finish a very small quilting project last night - an appliqué wall hanging. I actually started this project weeks ago and have not had any spare time to turn on the sewing machine....after picking up some fun/new stash and projects on my road trip last week, I really want to get my in-progress projects done, so I can start something fresh and new. I have one LARGE quilting project left to finish (something for a very dear friend) and then I can play with some new ideas. This project is called "The Early Bird" and is part of the Skinny Mini Wall Hanging Series from Country Traditions in Fremont, NE...I have done several of these satisfying projects...the kit contains everything you need, with the exception of backing fabric and batting - but at a finished size of 5" x 15", those supplies are easily found in my stash. Normally, I make these projects "my own" and cut a lot of the appliqué a little differently by using one of my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters...but this one, I actually did as directed, using the appliqué patterns provided. I thought it turned out super cute...a perfect tiny quilt for my spring/summer decorating.

I have been cross stitching up a storm in quiet moments (which are few), working on my special "pink" project...and I have the main part of the design complete...just working on a few small extras and last minute details...I should an update and photos for you soon!

Schatzi continues to grow leaps and is a recent photo from last night - she is twelve and a half weeks old and over 30 pounds...and yes, she should grow into those ears!...and she can finally wear her pink camouflage collar. She is keeping me on my toes...and although she is a complete handful, I have already grown quite attached to her...I will just be much happier when she is out of the "puppy phase" which is quite exhausting...

Well, I am off to get lunch started and mark off a few to-do items before my husband leaves for work...I now have to prioritize my day around the puppy (I never thought I would be saying that!)...


  1. Your bluebird wall hanging is just precious, Belinda! And I can so relate to your prioritizing your life around the puppy!


  2. Love the bluebird wall hanging - just right for summer.

  3. Love the bluebird hanging! And I love your puppy! German Shepherds are the Best!

  4. Puppy does come first. I know that feeling. Buddy required much attention but it's worth it to have a wonderful grown up dog with manners. Hard things are worth things as my DH says.