Thursday, June 13, 2013

Creating In Small Doses

I've learned over the last month (since we added a German Shepherd to our family), that I need to create in small doses...trying to run a home-based business and a household with a puppy in the mix has put a strict limit on any quiet time (really, any time at all). My sewing machine has only been turned on four times since returning from California at the end of April...yes, I keep track...and yes, I am going through heavy duty withdrawal. This week I have made an effort to change that...because, let's be honest, I am a much "nicer" person when I have even a few minutes of creative time in my studio. I decided to try to finish up all my small projects in progress - even if I just get to make one teeny tiny thing each day. Yesterday, I worked on a project I started in early April...I had this idea to machine embroider some very tiny designs (1" - 1 1/2" square) to put in the center of some more intricate paper-pieced blocks for pincushions. I had eight small embroidered designs ready, so I pulled out my various paper-piecing books and resources and found several blocks that fit my vision...I got the designs printed...and finally sat down at the sewing machine to piece my first one (only a few months later). Like most quilters, I have a HUGE bin filled with fabric scraps...all sorts of colors, styles, and I went through the bin to pick a few fun coordinates...I decided on a 5" square block, so I didn't need too many pieces...and of course, they could all be quite small. The result is the design you see in the photograph...I was able to get the block pieced in the evening, but then had to wait until my husband came home from work to cut the wool felt backing, sew the perimeter, and stuff...but I did get it done in one day! My goal is to make a selection of these for my Etsy with any luck, in several weeks, I will have a nice grouping to list. The challenge will be to get another one done today - I have a full schedule and a giant list of errands...but a girl can dream...


  1. How creative. Your use of fabrics in this is so inspiring. Makes me want to do some finishes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, I have a 4 month old goldendoodle and a new job where I work from home quite a lot. Today we did doggie day care for the first time. I have a very tired, content pup. Highly recommend it.
    Before she was always grabbing me especially during stitching time.


  3. Love the new pincushion, Belinda! Great use of fabric scraps from your bin!


  4. glad to hear you have managed to get into the craft room .... having just gone through that last year I can sympathize but now I have a wonderful companion at night/ day when I am stitching :)
    cute wee pin cushion too ... and a wonderful idea to use up those scraps :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Love the pin cushion!!

    LOL on the puppy. We got Shadow, a poodle, a year ago. He was almost 5 months old at that time, a rescue. But, the first 5 months we had him I don't believe I stitched more than 5 hours the whole time. After working all day and then him wanting all my attention in the evening...I was too tired! But, there is an end to that...he still wants a lot of attention, which he gets, but at least it is much less now, he can entertain himself quite well most of the time. So, there is hope...just hang will get better...I promise.
    Looking forward to seeing new designs.

    Judy in Kansas