Monday, June 3, 2013

A Postcard Afternoon...

Schatzi - 11.5 weeks - 28 pounds
Life in our household has been a little more hectic than usual...trying to balance a home-based business with a new puppy in the house is "insane" to say the least. I am working on finding a better balance...but for now, I have just accepted that things are going to be a little crazy in the coming months. Today I feel a sense of relief, as (late last night) I finished a gigantic deadline for a publisher that was completely stressing me out...and I actually got the Blue Ribbon Designs June Newsletter emailed this afternoon...and (fingers crossed) later today, I am really hoping the dogs allow me to do some much needed model stitching!

Yesterday afternoon, we took Schatzi to Raccoon River Park, to see if she likes the water...we walked her down to the lake, and after just a bit of gentle coaxing, she actually walked right in ...luckily I had my camera to commemorate the moment. It was a postcard afternoon, which was most welcome, after more than a week of severe weather, thunderstorms, and rain....I got a lovely photograph of the clouds reflecting on the lake...

I have had several messages asking me about my perennial garden I planted last year....first a photo from last year...then several photos from this year. I am happy to report, I just may have inherited my mother's green thumb after-all. Everything I planted returned this year, with the exception of one shrub....and I even moved a few things around a couple weeks ago to make the bed more eye-pleasing. My Knockout Roses are just starting to bud...and I am thrilled that my Spiderwort, Dianthus, Pincushion Flower, Cranesbill Geranium, Valerian, and Coreopsis are all in bloom...everything looks healthy and happy!

Perennial Garden 2012 - just planted..

Perennial Garden 2013 - after one year...


Knockout Rose Bush


Cranesbill Geranium, Chives, Lavender

It feels good to finally take a moment and catch-up with my blog readers...I have been missing you...I will do my best to get back to regular updates! I do have some sewing I *must* get to this week, as we are attending a wedding next weekend and I am making the gift...hopefully I will be back soon to share the project with you! I should also have some stitchy updates soon - I have a bunch of projects in the (if all goes well), I have a special road trip planned for Friday that will have lots of fun photos...
Wishing you a cheerful and productive week...


  1. Your perennial garden looks terrific, Belinda! Wow, look at Schatzi! She is such a cutie! Glad that she liked the water!


  2. MY what big ears! what a cutie! Garden is lovely as well. Can't wait to start working on your blue jeans and daisies. picked it up at a recent retreat.

  3. Love the puppy, love the garden!

  4. a small and tiny creature...who will grow into those ears... what wonderful pics of the lake and her swimming lessons with dad and mom... so glad you had some good weather for a change...

  5. ohhhh look at those wee ears ... she is a beauty and it will get better honest
    lovely photos of the lake and of your garden ... gorgeous rose too ....
    if all else fails send some model stitching to me ;) love mouse xxxxxx

  6. Those ears! What a super cute dog. And your garden looks wonderful.

  7. Love those ears! I'll bet they feel super puppy-soft!
    Lots of oooh's and ahhhh's over your garden. My back is begging me to plant perennials!

  8. OMG, that Schatzi is just adorable. Love, love, love those ears in the first pic. Adorable!!! Great pics of the lake and your perennial garden looks wonderful!

  9. Love reading your update and seeing your puppy and garden update. Glad you was able to get away today for a fun filled day. You totally deserved it.