Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hippity Hoppity

If you are an avid reader of my blog, then you know I am definitely still a kid at heart...which completely explains why I love the website "Mr. Printables" is chock full of fun, free printable downloads for kids! Check out these ADORABLE Bunny Party Favor Bags - aren't they just the cutest...and you can make them in a matter of minutes (seriously) with very few supplies. First of all you need a computer, Internet connection, and a printer...and I am guessing if you are visiting my blog, you have all you need a several pieces of white cardstock or heavy paper (which many of us have on hand). Do you have your paper loaded in the printer, yet?? Okay, so now click on this link for the Bunny Party Favor Bags - you can now easily download and print four (yes, I said FOUR!) different Bunny Bags for FREE! - there is one large and one small pink titled "Strippy Jumper" and one titled "Woolly Socks" (which are both small - meaning each fits on one piece of 8.5" x 11" cardstock). Once you have the selection you want printed, you will need scissors, a scoring tool/board (don't fret, a bone-folder or pen cap works great for scoring), a craft knife, and a glue can find all those things around the house, can't you?? Now, time for the "crafty" part, cut on the solid lines, score on the dashed lines, and use a craft knife to cut the two lines where shown (this is where the ears fit through)...fold on the score lines...and glue where it notes "glue"...that's all there is to it...easy peasy! There is also an stinkin' cute Frog Favor Bag and it has step by step directions and photos of how to put a favor bag together...wouldn't the Frog Favor Bag be fun for a stitching retreat?! The last and final step is to fill your bag(s) with treats...and maybe a little Easter grass or tissue paper. Fun, easy, and affordable...and you can make them for or with children (or a big kid, like me)...and simply precious...


  1. Wow, Belinda! What cute bunny bags! Off to browse this site! All I want to know is how come I didn't know about this site while I was still teaching!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. darling ! love them all - happy easter

  3. How cute. You are amazing with finding/creating so much to share. Hugs and Happy Easter. xoxo Mary

  4. Oh so pretty, I love your small rabbit !