Friday, March 15, 2013

Brightening and Inspiring

Hello friends! I know I have been a little quiet the last couple weeks...but that is just because I have been busy with projects (most of which I can't share with you just yet) fingers have been stitching and sewing up a storm.

Part three of the mystery sampler "Blue Jeans and Daisies" is complete and back from the printer, so I will be getting those bagged and packaged this weekend - the fun finishing idea for part three turned out adorable...and the mystery bonus turned out even better than I expected (I just adore it!) - I can't wait until the week of March 25th, so I can share them with you! I also have stitched and finished my ornament for the Just CrossStitch 2013 Ornament Issue - and I am very pleased with the will coordinate nicely with my ornaments from the last couple years. I have been working every night on the class project for the New England Stitcher's Retreat and hope to have everything finalized and photos available by the end of the month (fingers crossed)  - it has an autumn theme and is designed around a Shallow Shaker Carrier (made by the same artist who made the "Beauty In Simplicity" Shaker boxes) - one of the unique smalls has been giving me some designing fits, but I think I have it all hammered out now. I have also been finishing up the details for the Elegant Stitch Workshop I am teaching in April - I have all the extensive finishing kits prepared and I am now working on the class binders...all of which will be shipping to California by the end of the month. Plus I have a couple new designs I am preparing for printing that will be released in late April/early May.

With all those irons in the fire, I somehow managed to cut and prepare around 60 items for my Etsy shop - a new pile of Stitch Stater Sleeves...more Needlework Pouches...and there will also be some new Project Bags. I have been trying to schedule a few hours each day to sew....and I have started to get a nice little pile of complete items - I hope to get some listed over the weekend...

We have still been having undesirable weather here in Iowa, however, yesterday, the temperatures were in the mid-40s and the snow finally started to melt away - it was so wonderful to see the sun shine! I decided to celebrate by getting in almost ten miles of training/walking yesterday afternoon - I started out with just over 2 miles with Simba (a good warm-up)...then dropped him off at home and walked 7.5 miles on my own. I was so happy to  break in my new shoes, even though I had to dodge the puddles and melting snow.

I know many of you have already started to experience springtime weather...and I am so very jealous (I am completely green with envy)...I sure hope it reaches us soon (although I see "frozen mix" is in the forecast again for next week). Good thing I have friends that send me sunshine and flowers in photo form (even if they are trying to be vindictive and rub it in my face - you know who you are!). Here is a collage of photographs from a dear friend in California that have been brightening and inspiring my days...I am so excited to travel there next month and see some of this beauty in person...

Finally, my husband just returned from his annual 10-day fishing trip to Lake Fork, Texas....every year, he travels to Texas in early spring for some bass fishing. I wanted to share just a few photos from his trip with you...he only took a handful of photos, but did manage to capture a beautiful sunset and an eagle perched high atop a tree branch...and of course, I have one with him holding his "catch of the day"...

Wishing you an inspiring, wonderful, and creative weekend...


  1. Great pictures, Belinda! Looking forward to spring color here in place of the drab end of winter color. Love the eagle pictures from the fishing trip.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Amazing nature photos but also very excited by the words "co-ordinate nicely" in respect of your new ornie, can't wait to see it in JCS. OK maybe I can because it's several months away but still looking forward to it.