Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

It has been a gloomy couple days here - in fact, yesterday it rained the entire day. I decided I would take advantage of my Saturday and do some sewing, baking, and cooking. I started my afternoon by making seven more of my pincushion tuffets - these were all made with recipients in mind...and they use two of my favorite retired fabric lines (Beach House by Blackbird Designs for Moda and Madeira by Blackbird Designs for Moda) and are backed with wool. We all know how much I enjoy making these little tuffets and I have the assembly line quilting done to a science...I even moved my ironing board right next to my sewing table so I could be as efficient as possible. These also gave me chance to show-off some of the pins I made recently! After my time in the sewing studio, I made my way to the kitchen, where I baked some homemade bread and made a nice, comforting potato soup. The evening was then spent in my stitching nest finishing up my new design "Friendship Blooms" - actually, I did the last couple stitches this afternoon - so I will blog about it and give you a peek tomorrow! I am doing some charting for another new piece tonight...and I am going to cut pieces for a miniature quilt I plan to start sewing has been a quiet, productive, and relaxing weekend...


  1. You have created another wonderful batch of tuffets! Hmmm...have I created a tuffet monster? LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist! Your pins are a super compliment to your tuffets. Looking forward to seeing a peek of Friendship Blooms.

    Glad your weekend was a good one!


  2. They are so sweet and I love Blackbird fabric :-).

  3. What a lovely place to park those awesome pins! Your day certainly was productive!

  4. Those tuffets are so cute, and the pins are pretty too!

  5. I love them.What lucky friends you have.