Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunshine On A Rainy Day...

It may have rained all day, but it didn't dampen my day was filled with blessings. I accomplished some very large items on my to-do list and got a ton of errand running done...but (most importantly) I took a few hours to meet my dear friend Lorrie for lunch and a holiday gift exchange - it was a delightful afternoon and put a smile on my face for the rest of the day! I always feel right at home visiting with Lorrie - seems we have an endless list of things to talk about and so very much in common - I had been looking forward to our lunch all week. We met at a cozy little local restaurant, which we both enjoy...and we had so much fun catching up we completely lost track of time...all of a sudden we realized it was 2 1/2 hours later....

We were excited to exchange gifts, as we both like to give gifts from the heart and had put a lot of thought into what we made for each other. I knew months ago I was going to make Lorrie a friendship quilt and I had the fabric picked out even before it was available for purchase.

I know she loves the color blue, so I had chosen the fabric line Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs for Moda. I decided to use a small tumbler block (which happens to be one of her favorites - I had no idea) and put my AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter to good use to cut all the pieces. I had the quilt top done a couple weeks ago, but had to wait for the yardage in this fabric line to be released before I could quilt and bind it - luckily I received it last week and was able to get it finished in time.

I put a label commemorating the holiday on the back of the quilt...along with a sleeve and removable hanger, in case she wanted to use it as a wall hanging. I was so pleased with the outcome, I decided to make a matching drawstring bag...which I used as a gift bag for a present I picked out for her while I was in California.

I had absolutely no idea the treasures Lorrie had in store for me - I am actually still a little speechless. I will share them with you in the order I unwrapped them...and it all started with the most amazing card - amazing because she wrote me the sweetest note that truly touched my heart. Lorrie totally gets me, as she wrapped everything individually...and I loved opening each and every gift! The first gift I opened was a FABULOUS project bag she made out of sampler fabric - it is a jumbo size - big enough for an entire project with q-snaps and pattern and all the supplies - it is perfect (a word you are going to get sick of hearing in this post) - and even more special because she made it. I then opened several smaller packages - some lovely handkerchiefs (she knows I like to collect them)...a couple quilt themed notecards (which I think need little frames)...a great little snippit jar from the Amanas (which I plan to use next to my sewing machine)...and a set of bead storage containers (which Lorrie shared an idea to use as bobbin storage)....are these great gifts or what?! I was so blown away...but wait, there's more....

I then opened a large drawstring bag she made from holiday fabric (she even tied jingle bells to the ends of the drawstring!)...inside was one of her absolutely GORGEOUS knitted scarfs - the color is perfect, the style is perfect, her knitting is perfect - yep, it is perfect in every way - I love it - and WILL be wearing it right away....

There were still two gifts left and by now I was already awestruck by her kindness and thoughtfulness. She asked me to save the red wrapped gift for last, so I opened the other - in this package, yet another gift she made for me - two wonderful pillowcases. Lorrie then shared with me that she has a pile of "pretty" pillowcases - when she has a bad day, she grabs one, puts it on her pillow, and curls up in the living room with a good book or a movie (or even takes a nap) - she calls them "special pillowcases". I just adore her cozy idea and will definitely be using these when I need a good boost!

After all this, I had no idea what could possibly be in the package she wanted me to open last - I felt completely pampered - I really was not expecting all this fuss - but it was such a treat to have so many treasures to open! I can't even express how touched I was when I opened the last gift - it is breathtaking. She stitched a piece especially for me and mounted it in a Sudberry box and it is "TO DIE FOR" - it really is....

To find a chart with my initial that has needles, a thimble, a button, a spool of thread, and a pair of scissors...really, what could be more perfect?! After opening it, she shared a lovely story with me of what she envisioned I would keep inside of it and I couldn't think of a better use. Oh...and did I mention she put several little goodies inside the box? - yep, she sure did! I am just so extremely touched by the thought and time that went into each of these special gifts. I honestly felt like it was Christmas, my birthday, and every other special occasion you could think of all rolled into one. Lorrie - your friendship is a true blessing and your talents are limitless - thank you.

After such a wonderful lunch, I finished up my pile of errands and hurried home to clean and organize my studio...after all, I still have a few last minute sewing and crafting projects for the holidays...and yes, I still have to get my Christmas cards in the mail (if I don't finish them up soon, they may have to say "Happy New Year" - or better yet, "Happy Valentine's Day")....


  1. What a lovely, lovely group of gifts from a friend. She obviously put a great deal of thought into her gifts What a true treasure she is!
    The gorgeous quilt you made for her was a wonderful thoughtful gift as well.

  2. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Your friendship quilt must have thrilled Lorrie; and all your gifts, but especially he stitched "B", are lovely. What a blessing you two have found in your friendship! (not because of the gifts, but the friendship itself - and the gifts show how you feel about each other, with the obvious amount of time and thought that went into each)

  3. well all I can say is just .... Perfect ... from start to finish :) can I ask where did she get the chart for the letter from ??? :) love mouse xxxx

  4. What great gifts to and from both of you!
    Enjoy your goodies.

  5. wow what a lovely gifts from lovely friend..everything is so beautiful and so special:)
    love and hugs cucki x

  6. What fabulous gifts given and received!!

  7. Beautiful, gorgeous, and yep, perfect. I must admit, I am a bit jealous of the type of friendship you have with Lorrie. Merry Christmas

  8. What a lovely day you had, Belinda! Glad you were able to get a couple items marked off your list and have a wonderful outing with your friend! Enjoy your gifts as I know she will enjoy hers.


  9. All the gifts are beautiful I love the quilt and the box is georgous.
    Merry Christmas

  10. Lovely lunch, great catching up and beautiful gifts exchanged - what could be more perfect!

  11. the initial chart is fabulous, do you know who the designer is etc?

  12. Stitching Kath - I am replying here in hopes you will see my response, as you are a no-reply blogger (which means I have no way to e-mail you). My friend who stitched the box initial for me sent the following response:
    I bought a magazine called Creations In Cross Stitch and it was issue #1. I bought it at a book store and there was only 1 issue never to be seen again. That being said the French version is called Creation Point de Croix which is very well known and available from The French Needle. It is issue #10. I will point out it does not have a full alphabet only the "B" as it is used to signify Bits and Bobs for their use.
    I hope this helps.