Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elegant Stitch Workshop

I made it back to Iowa safe and sound...and thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to California. I truly feel blessed...I got to teach "Harvest Huswif" - add a huge list of names to my stitching family - shop at the AMAZING Elegant Stitch - spend quality time with Lois, Annie, Mr. Bear, and all the kiddos - and do some major sightseeing in the area...the list goes on and was one of the best teaching trips EVER!

The first couple days were spent at the shop...meeting all the creative, talented, friendly attendees...teaching the class...doing some major was such a fun event. Lois does it up right, which was no surprise to me - very special gifts for each of the attendees (which I will show in a later post - I had to ship them home), great food, and personal touches all over the place - everyone felt comfortable and right at home...and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves (especially me!).

The shop was spectacular - truly fabulous! I have been a customer for years...WAY longer than I have been fact, Elegant Stitch was one of the first shops to ever carry Blue Ribbon Designs. I have been dreaming of visiting this shop for as long as I can remember - and it definitely did not disappoint. It was spacious, well-stocked, clean, organized, and the displays were wonderful - it took me multiple trips around to even begin to see everything...and I made Lois take me back after the events to take another look and purchase another bag full of stash - yep, I found a TON of things I could not live without. There were threads, fabrics, embellishments, gadgets, and tools galore....there were gorgeous treasures on every shelf and rack (and in every drawer, basket, cabinet, and tub) - there were unique and limited edition goodies everywhere! To a needlework fan like myself, the eye candy was almost I said, SPECTACULAR - if you have a chance to visit, you MUST do so - it will be SO worth it!! Okay, I know you have been waiting for photos and Lois was kind enough to let me take a here goes..."just a touch" of what Elegant Stitch has to offer:

The workshop was held next door - which is also a treasure trove, as it contains all sorts of goodies for distribution. Lois and Annie had their work cut out, as they consolidated all the stock, storage, materials, and shipping supplies to make room for ten (or so) round tables and several long tables up front for food and my trunk show. It was so much fun having the retreat right next to the shop...and before and after class everyone definitely took advantage of it - shopping until their hearts were content. Everyone was comfortable and everything they could possibly need at their fingertips. Lois and Annie made sure things ran perfectly smooth throughout the entire event - it was sheer delight being a teacher in this organized is no wonder many of the guests have been to every single retreat at Elegant Stitch since they started years ago. Here are some photos of all the smiling faces...minus just a few - one student had to leave a little early...and one table is mysteriously missing (you know who you are - Robin, Carole, Sharon - who didn't speak up when I asked if I got a picture of every table)....don't they all look like they are having a grand time??!

And finally today, I will share a photo of Carole with her gorgeous framed Red Velvet Inscription Sampler (and me). A photo of this fabulous finish has been posted on my website "Gallery" for quite sometime, so it was a true treat for me to meet Carole and see it in person. Carole - thank you so much for bringing it along!

So there you have the first of my trip posts - now you can see why I had such a GREAT time! There will be a couple more posts coming soon - one of my sightseeing in California...and one of all my stash...

To each of the attendees - thank you so much for making this event one for me to remember - you are all so talented, creative, and unique and I thank you for welcoming me and becoming part of stitching family. I heart you all...and truly hope our paths will cross again in the future...

To Lois, Annie, Mr. Bear, and all my new furry friends - you were delight to spend time with - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You are all special and dear to me...and are stuck with me for life. You made my first trip to California more special and memorable than I ever imagined it could be....


  1. Elegant Stitch looks amazing! It sounds like you had a deservedly marvellous time.

    Thx for all the great pics - almost like being there.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. Thanks for sharing your photographs - Elegant Stitch looks gorgeous and that workshop area is fabulous.

  3. hi, sound like you had a fab time..
    lovely picture..thank you for sharing them.
    hugs xxx

  4. Fabulous pictures! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!


  5. Looks like a wonderful retreat with lots of fun ladies!