Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friendship - The Best Medicine

I am feeling a bit under the weather (actually, today I feel completely miserable) - I think my crazy schedule has finally caught up to me...but two special surprises have helped brighten my week!

First, on Monday evening I received an adorable little box in the mail from Keepsake Quilting...which was quite a surprise, since I had not ordered anything. Inside was the sweetest note from my dear friend Sue (who lives in New York) along with a package of 75 die cut "Holiday Hearts" - how fun is that?! - my creativity kicked in right away, trying to decide how to use these fabric hearts. Each heart is cut from a different cotton quilting fabric...and I had a marvelous time going through the entire stack and seeing each of the patterns. Thank you so very much Sue - your surprise package totally brightened my day and lifted my spirits - I can see many hours of sewing enjoyment in my near future!

Then yesterday, my sweet friend Merry brought me an amazing bag of goodies! I had actually missed her wine tasting party over the weekend because we were out of town for a family gathering (which totally bummed me out as I really REALLY wanted to be there) what does my thoughtful friend do? - she brings me all sorts of treats from her party to try with my own bottle of wine. She brought me pears and an apple, fig jelly, chocolates, crackers, and an amazing smoked blue cheese called "Moody Blue" - don't they all look scrumptious?! Merry - you can rest assured I will savor each of the goodies you packed up for me - thank you for the delicious surprise - you always spoil me and I cherish our friendship....

Isn't it amazing that friends have a "sixth sense" when you are not feeling 100% - it seems whenever I need a pick-me-up they just know. I may have a terrible head cold and very little voice, but I am still feeling extremely blessed! The gift of friendship is always the best medicine...


  1. You are so right - friends and family the most important things in life and then your health! That is why I am really enjoying this world of cross stitching bloggers - everyone is so supportive of everybody else.

    Hope that you feel better soon,

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. The pleasure was all mine! I hope you feel better! Big, Big HUGS, Sue

  3. Hope you are feeling better, Belinda! What lovely goodies you received from friends!


  4. Your food treats look and sound delicious. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Stay warm since old man winter is going to hit us here in Iowa this next week...low's in the mid 20's...burr.
    I can't wait to see what you do with your Christmas hearts. My first thought was of a wonderful Christmas quilt.

  5. What lovely treats - friends really do know when something is needed to pick you up. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. i hope you feel better soon..very lovely treats..
    sending you hugs xx

  7. awwww hope you are feeling much better now .. especially after the wine ,,lol .. love those hearts too can't wait to see what you do with them .... (((HUGS))) love mouse xxxx