Friday, September 2, 2011

Cute Creative Embellishments

Back in July, my dear friend Kimber did a review/tutorial on her blog (Heirlooms by Ashton House) of the Imaginisce "i-top tool"...and I just had to get my hands on one and play with it for myself! This slick tool easily creates buttons, brads, magnets, pins, and badges...even bobby pins, rings, and is WAY COOL!! The i-top tool is pink handled with rubber and metal heads...and although it may look confusing, it works easily and makes much more sense when you have one in your hand - it even comes with a Demo DVD to help you get started. You decide what type of item you want to make and the size, then purchase the hardware separately (these pieces are called "daddies" - button daddies, brad daddies, magnet daddies, etc.). The daddies come in three sizes: small (16mm), medium (22mm), and large (28mm) - the large size requires a large head set (purchased separately) to accommodate the size of the hardware. I played with making buttons, brads, magnets, and pins - all with fabric (you know I like to find fun ways to use my scraps)! If you use paper, Imaginisce has punches for all three sizes to easily cut the shape needed...there are also templates you can purchase to help you easily cut fabric and other materials to the correct size. In the top photo, you can see an array of the fabric covered daddies I made - then below, a photo of the backs. If you are into crafting gadgets, I found this to be quite a useful tool and easy to operate - but beware, it is addicting - I couldn't make just one button!...and how cute is my little owl pin??! For those of you on the lookout for this creative gadget, I found the i-top tool and several styles of daddies at my local Archiver's store....I also saw them the other day at my local Michaels affiliation, no incentives - just sharing what I feel is a fun product/gadget with you! I have already looked through my scrap box of fabrics and picked out a bunch of pieces I want to fussy cut for buttons and will definitely see me using more of these creative embellishments in the future!


  1. Hi Belinda, put a vote in for you, good luck. I've heard about the iTop before but your explanation has me so curious I'm going to Michaels this weekend, 50% coupon, so I hope they have it. Thanks.

  2. Very cool tool! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  3. Now that is pretty cool! I saw this the last time I was in Archivers too. I love my cropadile for making floss tags. Hmm...I might have to get me one of these too.