Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Canvas, Cushions, and a Fabric Cutter

Wouldn't you know it...I am in a rush to complete a huge work project and I run out of a particular color of DMC six-strand embroidery floss. Right now, I am unbelievably swamped, I can't even see straight - I feel like I am being swallowed up by the piles of work that surround me - so, of course, I run out of floss...why wouldn't I??! Thinking fast, I make a quick mad dash to JoAnn Fabrics - it is only a couple minutes from my home...and thank goodness they had the color I needed.

If you are like me, you can't run into a craft store and just grab one thing and go...you have to look around a bit...and look, I did...

Now that we have a brand new deck, we finally purchased a set of patio furniture and a couple benches and they were delivered last Friday. The benches were the last floor models and were at a great price - I had asked my husband to built me several benches for the deck...but we were able to purchase these cheaper than he could make them - only problem - the fabric on the bench seat covers is striped and does not match our patio set (not even close) and it really is not our style. So I figured while I was at JoAnn Fabrics, I might as well look out the outdoor canvas and try to find some that would match the rest of our deck furniture. I like outdoor canvas for a project like this - it is sturdy, water resistant, mold resistant, and retains it's color in the sun...but it sure is pricey. I managed to find a light green I knew would match and a coordinating paisley green and brown for pillows. Finding time to get them all sewn up will be a challenge - but after laying it out with the cushion from one of the patio chairs, I think it is going to work perfectly! I will have to post a photo once I have them complete...

And on a completely unrelated note...while I was writing this post, the local UPS driver paid me a visit...he was delivering my prize from the Feed Dog Designs Quilt Block Design Contest...a brand new AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and three dies!!! Oh my goodness...I am so excited...a new toy to play with...I can't wait to make time to unpack it and play! I was thrilled to see not only did AccuQuilt include the GO! Baby and the three dies, but they also included the two cutting mats needed...this is the most AMAZING prize. Again, I have to thank all of YOU that voted for my quilt block, Feed Dog Designs Bl0g for hosting the contest, and AccuQuilt for the GREATEST PRIZE EVER! I already know what my first project will be...and I will be sharing it here as soon as I can make a little time to sew...and yes, it will have a Halloween theme...


  1. I love your benches! I wish I had enough space in my backyard for such a lovely deck! I'm sure you'll spend many a wonderful, peaceful night out there. The only thing missing is a big pitcher of sangria :-)

  2. Great benches and terrific fabric selections for cushions! Hope you are able to find some time to play with your new toy.


  3. oooo great benches and nice colours too .... if all else fails on getting things stitched you could always as me heheheh ;) and oooooo jealous of your prize I am sure you will have hours and hours of fun with that :) looking forward to seeing your creations :) take care *passing huge mug of tea * love mouse xxxx

  4. wow..lovely benches..and i love the fabric too..lovely:)
    love and hugs xx

  5. The benches are nice, and the fabric you picked is perfect for them.
    I can't wait to see your Halloween project with the GO! Cutter.

  6. I like the fabric for your deck benches. Your before/after pics in the previous post are cool - love the stone wall flower bed. I like the posts about other things in people's lives- afterall, we all have other things that we have to do LOL!

    Congrats on your win - can't wait to see what you create with that!

    sherry :0)

  7. Congratulations with your prize. I'm looking forward to the bench cushions and quilts.

  8. You have a great eye Belinda. Those fabric choices for your benches are perfect!
    Can't wait to see what comes out of that new toy. Did you say Halloween? Yes!!

  9. I love the style of furniture you picked, Belinda. It's so classic, and that outdoor canvas you chose is going to look terrific on it. What a great outdoor living space!