Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Sunflower

Today I decided it was definitely time to change the mini quilt on my tabletop stand. It has been a couple months since I worked on a new mini fact, I think the last one I made was in this afternoon I made time to do a little sewing. I have been feeling under the weather the last couple days and I thought the time in my sewing studio might be good medicine. I decided to work on a "Sunflower" block - which at 12.5" x 12.5" quilted up pretty quickly....and although you can't see my quilting very well in the photo (the black thread blends well with the fabric), I actually quilted a very cool looking sun outline in the center square. Since I do not have a longarm machine (although I do dream of the day!), I decided to print a pattern on piece of it to the center block...and then quilted directly on the lines....once I was done, I just removed the paper - it actually worked really well and I am thrilled with the results. Although I am still feeling run down, the time in my sewing studio did lift my spirits. Now I head back to my stitching nest - I am hoping to feel well enough to do some more cross stitching - I am really enjoying the work on my new model...


  1. Your sunflower mini wall hanging turned out well, Belinda! I always look forward to seeing your creations. You are one multi-talented gal!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better and less run down!


  2. Just had to tell you I just finished your Blessed Beyond Measure. Your finishing directions are superb. My posting can be found at