Friday, June 10, 2011

Parallelogram Pizzazz

The terrible stormy weather the last few days has found me quite productive in my studio. I have been logging lots of hours modeling stitching a new design...and working on a small wall hanging quilt. My husband has been working a crazy schedule and I have been up until the wee hours each late last night and early this morning, I finished up my GO! Parallelogram Pizzazz! quilt - in fact, I was hand stitching the binding at 2:00 AM. I actually took the free AccuQuilt pattern with me a couple weeks ago when Kimber, Merry, and I took a road trip to a favorite quilt took me quite a while to decide on the the fabrics (which I love!)...and I couldn't wait to make time to work on it! The fabric is from an older line called Le Poulet by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics and it matches my home perfectly. The entire quilt, with the exception of the backing and batting was cut on my AccuQuilt GO! fabric cutter. I really enjoyed using the smaller Parallelgram die...along with the Half Sqaure 2" Finished Triangle die...and then using the strip cutter dies (1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2") to make the borders and binding easy! There are 32 parallelograms and 64 traingles...and although it looks complicated, I actually found it rather simple to piece - I truly enjoyed working on this challenging 23" x 23" wall hanging (which I may also use as a table runner).

With the rain continuing today, I just may have to start my next sewing project...but for now, I will return to my stitching nest and continue work on my new model (Quilted Garden) is rather large and is going to take some time to complete...


  1. Wow, Belinda! Your parallelogram pizzazz wall hanging turned out great! I know you are beyond thrilled with your creation!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Your quilt is stunning!
    Kates Flossbox . blogspot

  3. Oh Belinda....what an incredible parallelogram wall hanging! You are so talented in so many ways! Wonderful!